Where Has the Time Gone?

Where Has the Time Gone?

Kayla Green—So apparently I’m a junior now, to my own disbelief. This time in college is flying by and there’s no stopping it. I have learned so much already over the past 2 years and as I dive head-first into the second half of my college career, I notice everything changing.

Over the summer, I completed an internship at News 4 Buffalo WIVB. I decided to apply for this internship on a whim, having very little experience in news whatsoever. What I discovered, however, is that news is what I love. I love it more than I love video editing, and it’s what I want to do. After coming to this realization I applied for an internship at Spectrum News in Rochester for the fall, and that internship has given me even more confirmation that news is my life’s calling.

And I will soon begin a new journey as the newest associate producer at News10NBC, a real paying job right here in Rochester.

With this realization and excitement, though, also comes sacrifice and adult decisions.

I am full speed ahead on my career path, and the field that I want to go into is rigorous and somewhat merciless. News never stops — not for anyone, not for holidays, not for weekends. This means I will likely be working these important days for at least the first 4-5 years of my career. Coming to terms with this was something I had to get used to, as I have always been someone who loves holidays and is very close with my family.

This conflict often prompts me: is it worth it? Is a career worth the sacrifice of Christmas, New Years, and every Saturday and Sunday? Although I go back and forth on it a lot, the second I step into a news room, I know it is. My family is very supportive of all my decisions regarding my career and although I know they’ll miss me, they want me to chase my dreams.

I’m in love with what I’m doing and what I plan to do, and there is truly no better feeling in the world. I will give some advice to those of you looking into college, or in your young years of college.

Don’t waste a second. Enjoy your free time freshman year, it may not exist again. Have fun with your friends, go to campus events, join clubs, and soak up all that college has to offer immediately. Although I’m still here, I have more responsibilities now and my life is far different than it was freshman year. This isn’t to say I don’t still have fun; I have a blast with my friends when our free time lines up and I am still actively involved in Talon Television here on campus. I have a work study job, I still eat in the dining halls, and I still meet new people every single day. But yet still, it is different.

College is an ever-changing journey that is far better than I ever could’ve dreamed. The opportunities I have been presented with are priceless, and the friends I have made will last a lifetime. I still have 2 years, but you guys have 4. Go out and LIVE IT UP. Similar to news, time stops for no one, not for holidays, not for weekends. Give every second your full attention and make it what you want it to be.

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