IT Movie Review

IT Movie Review

WARNING: Spoilers and potentially graphic content ahead

This past weekend, my friend and I were finally able to make our way to Cinemark’s Tinseltown movie theatre and see the remake of It, written originally in 1986 by Stephen King.  According to, Stephen King has said that we should “stop worrying about it as the producers have done a wonderful job with production”, alerting anyone who was worried about this remake.

Maybe it is just me and my friend Faith, but the previews for this movie looked promising. They looked as if they would top the original, which, honestly, wasn’t that great.

For starters, the comedic relief felt natural. Richie, played by Finn Wolfhard, is kind of the jester of the group. Constantly making jokes about people’s moms and sisters, talking about the size of what is between his legs, and many other crude (but hilarious) jokes. This feels natural because that is how kids act these days. I think Wolfhard was extremely fitting for this part, because it was almost surprising. Given the big glasses, we usually would categorize him as a “nerd”. However, he proved us all wrong and added the perfect touch to the friend group.


This remake is also not nearly as confusing as the original. Though it was easy to bounce back and forth because suddenly the characters were older, by separating it into two parts leaves the producers space for much more detail throughout the film, giving characters a longer, more exciting part when it comes to facing their fears.


That being said, we see a lot more. Right off the bat, we actually see Georgie’s arm ripped off. He has a long conversation with Pennywise and the non-diegtic music added another reason for Georgie to want to go down there. Rather than leaving this the image of an injured Georgie to our imagination, the remake does something different. Something that my friends said was “left the image in their mind the entire film”.

The original performance was memorable, of course, but in this remake, we actually hear Georgie scream, as he tries to squirm away from the sewer, one arm missing. As he pushes himself into the road, we cut to a bird’s eye view of the little boy, as a hand extends into the road, grabbing and pulling him in. We then see what a neighbor sees, a bloodied street and a missing boy. By adding in this graphic scene, the producers have cut a whole into us that they will not stop pouring salt into for the next two hours.


To give you a run down of each character’s encounter of Pennywise would be terrible of me, and I refuse to do it. So if you wanted the movie without seeing the movie, you’ve come to the wrong place. What I will tell you about the end, though, is Pennywise DOESN’T turn into some giant bug that looks extremely fake and ruins the entire film. In fact, he almost gets more scary! Personally, I was thrilled because honestly, that bug destroyed any positive thoughts that may have lingered when watching the original.


All in all, I can’t wait for part two to come out. Though I couldn’t find any information on a release date, rumors began spreading back in February that filming would start as of March, 2017.


What did you think about the It remake? How does it compare to the original? Leave your thoughts below or tweet me @bport_eliza!

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