Everyone Wants You to Succeed

Everyone Wants You to Succeed

Alexis Marchitte—According to a study done by the State University of New York on retention rates, the first-year student retention rates for students enrolled in a SUNY baccalaureate program is 84.4%. Which means that after a SUNY student’s freshman year, only 84.4% of them will return for their second year of college. I remember my freshman year many of my peers dropping out, transferring, or moving back home. I would be lying if I said it never crossed my mind. Especially sophomore year, I had a very difficult time adjusting to my life in the Athletic Training program. I had poor time and stress management and it felt like the world was always working against me. Fortunately there are so many resources on campus if you’re feeling this way. Everybody wants you to succeed and stay on track to graduate. Here are several of the resources you should use if you’re having second thoughts about college:

  1. Hazen Health Center: Not only do they take care of you when you’re sick but they also offer counseling which is included in your fee. Take advantage of all the services you pay for on campus. They are trained professionals who are more than willing to talk to you about ANYTHING you’re going through.
  2. Resident Directors/Resident Assistants: When choosing RA’s they choose the most kind and caring students on campus. They are meant to be always available to you regardless of the situation. They are older students who know exactly what you’re going through.
  3. Advisers: Everyone is assigned an adviser according to their major to help them schedule classes and answer any questions regarding majors, minors, classes, professors, concentrations, graduate school, etc. If you’re thinking about transferring or dropping out because you don’t like your major anymore or you’re unsure about your future, go and get insight from your adviser!
  4. Friends: You are not the only student who is struggling with adjusting to college, trust me. Your friends don’t want to see you transfer or drop out, knowing that they could have helped you figure it out. It can be difficult to make friends your first year of college, especially friends you trust with your secrets, but everyone is in the same boat together.
  5. GEP student mentor: At Brockport every freshman is required to take a class called G.E.P., General Education Program, where you are in a class with students with the same major and you are all given a student mentor to guide you through life on campus. These mentors sign up to teach these classes, meaning that they want to help you! They’re often older students who have also experienced everything you’re experiencing. Keep in mind that the students in your class are also from the same major so they probably have the same questions you do about your classes, major, etc.
  6. Financial Aid Office: You don’t realize how expensive college really is until you pay your first bill. It can be incredibly overwhelming to watch your student debt stack up. Again, you are not the only one, every college student in America is experiencing some sort of student debt stress. Go talk to someone in Financial Aid about extra aid opportunities or how to take out loans. They are there to help you!
  7. Your Family: I know my mom wishes that I would live at home with her forever, but I also know that she really wants me to succeed and stay in school. Your parents want you to do your best and enjoy your time at college. They love you and are always going to be there to talk you through whatever you need. You can never be too old or too proud to call your mom and dad.

I personally don’t like asking for help when it comes to situations like these, but once I turned towards my friends, parents and older students, I felt much better. It goes a long way to realize that you are not the only one feeling this way. There is comfort in knowing you’re not alone. Seek the help you need! College will always come with some sort of stress, but making sure you’re happy and enjoying these years of your life is most important.

P.S. I am also a resource you can use to ask any questions about college or if you need somebody to talk to!

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