Rock the World

Rock the World

NancyLea Illsley—There is a new trend that I believe should catch on all over the world. This is painting rocks and hiding them in your neighborhood. Now I know what you’re thinking, “what’s so special about painting and hiding rocks?” Well I am going to explain what beautiful things happen when you paint rocks.

My cousin started a page on Facebook called Broome County Rocks!. Now I didn’t think that it would become such a big deal, but with 16,500 followers and people from all over the nation participating in this new trend, I realized I was wrong. This page has people putting anything from positive messages to beautiful paintings on these rocks and hiding them in public places, mostly outside. The rocks have made people’s days better and put smiles on so many faces.

Children find these rocks and they just light up. The people who hide these rocks get so excited to see them posted on the page when they’re found. Not every rock that is found gets posted though. This is the kind of thing you have to be patient and hope that your rock was found and re-hid or replaced. That’s another rule to “rocking”: when a rock is found, if you like it a lot then you can keep it, but you have to make a rock of your own to put out into the world. If you find a rock you think someone else should find, you can hide it at a different location.

Please remember that we are trying to spread positivity, so only good messages/ images. There are some people out there who have put terrible things on rocks and hid those rocks for people to find. There is no fun in that because when a child finds a rock they light up, and to find out that the rock is negative makes people sad. We need more happiness in the world with everything that’s going on today. So please if you decide to participate, only positive messages.

I almost forgot to mention the best part: it’s such a stress reliever. It doesn’t matter whether you’re good or bad at painting, as long as you can put a smile on somebody’s face.

Beauty rock
“Found at Wilson hospital. To the person whom left this tiny beauty for us to find… my dad was very upset and nervous about a procedure he was having. As we were walking I looked down and spotted it “hey, look!” … dad said now he felt like things would be okay.. I appreciate you painting/hiding this and how the stars aligned for us to find it this morning.” An example of how these rocks can make people happy.



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