Clubs and Their Value

Clubs and Their Value

Eliza Zachowicz—For many people, college is a weird time; whether you’re in your first or last semester. You may not know anyone outside of your high school friend group, or you may not know anyone at all when you’re first starting. However, it is important to get involved, as a good bulk of your friends will be made outside of the classroom.

By joining a club, you get to explore your interests and potential, while making new friends and memories. Here are some things I’ve learned from my own experience in club cheerleading from the past 2 years! Also feel free to check out the link at the end to see what other clubs Brockport has to offer!

  1. You don’t have to be good at or educated in the club you’re joining! In fact, it tends to be more fun if you’re learning as you go! Club sports also tend to teach the basics for everyone because it is such a great time to start a sport at the beginner level.
  2. You can branch out to new people and new experiences. In my two years on club cheerleading, I managed to make friends with girls who in high school, I would have never spoken to. These girls are now my best friends. You also spend a lot of time with these people and build memories with them throughout. From embarrassing moments to inside jokes, you’ll always have a buddy around.
  3. You have the opportunity to travel! Some teams and clubs will travel to different places to gain real life experience. Club cheerleading goes out of state every year to compete at the national level against other colleges. Same with volleyball and dance. Other clubs, like Veg, plan on going places that have to do with their club, like an animal sanctuary.
  4. Your doors will open. When you meet a group of people with similar interests, you’ll all work together to open each others’ doors. If someone in the club you meet has connections to a department you’re interested in or connections to a job opportunity, you have a reference that the department knows they can trust. Once you build your own connections, you’ll also be able to do this for others.
  5. You can become a leader in your own way. No, you may not become president of your club, but as you gain experience and knowledge in your club, you’ll be able to guide others. Even if you already have experience, you can help others learn and grow together. By gaining experience as a leader, you’ll grow in your classes and as a person.

Check out MyBrockport for more information on clubs and events!

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