Move-In Week Made Easy

Move-In Week Made Easy

Eliza Zachowicz—Move-In Week can be seriously overwhelming. Both for students and for those helping you out. However, with a few simple tips, this day can run quickly and smoothly for everyone!

  1. Label Your Things with not only your last name but also your building, room number and what is inside. By doing this, the move-in crew will know where to bring things without having to ask you or those helping you. It is also important to indicate when things are fragile so they know to be extra gentle!
  2. Keep Your ID On You at all times! This is so important. While you may think it will be easier and safer for your keys to stay in the car, your Resident Assistants will need them in order to check you in!
  3. Be Patient. This day is, as I mentioned, overwhelming for any new student and their families. While your parent might be getting on your nerves, understand that they’re sending you off into the world for the first time. And parents, while your student may be getting on your nerves, understand that they’re nervous. They’re going to be given a lot of new freedom for the first time in their lives.
  4. Attend The Events. All of the first year students are going to these events, and by not going you’re inviting yourself to a day of sitting by yourself and missing out on a lot chances to build new relationships with other first year students.
  5. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone. Every single one of you in the residence hall is in the exact same boat as you. While it may not seem like it, everyone is nervous. By stepping out of your comfort zone, you’re opening yourself up to a ton of new opportunities, academically, socially and mentally.
  6. Keep Your Door Open. This is absolutely vital to your first week of school. By opening and propping your door, people will be able to approach you and introduce themselves. That being said, feel free to stop at open doors and say hello! Like I said earlier, you’re all in the same boat, and you’ll be in the hall with these people all year. I did this my first year and this is how I made my closest friends.

Have questions? Comment here or tweet me @bport_Eliza!

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