Where Is She Now?

Where Is She Now?

Katelynn Groh—YOU GUYS/GIRLS! It’s *officially* been WELL over a year since my last post! And I’m thrilled to be writing a piece for you all again 🙂 Our blog-coordinator Val asked alumni if we would be willing to write a piece giving you all an update on our lives, and immediately I was on board.

So…where am I now?

In the two weeks following graduation I had THREE interviews lined up! Two for the American Red Cross (the same position in Buffalo and Syracuse) and one for the Erie County Department of Health (any fellow Buffalo peeps out there?).

The Red Cross interview processes went by in the blink of an eye. After two interviews, I was turned down by Syracuse after making it to the top two. They knew I had applied to the Buffalo position and it made more sense for me to work in Buffalo rather than relocating. Determined to get this job for the Red Cross, I did all my homework, made note sheets, looked up dozens of questions…then I called a week after my second interview to get a status update because I hadn’t heard from them in a week…and that’s when my heart broke a little. Buffalo rejected me as well. I was crushed. It definitely took me a couple of days to bounce back because I had my heart set on the American Red Cross since I had just finished a year-long internship with them in Rochester. How did I make it to the top two candidates in Syracuse AND Buffalo, and didn’t get chosen for one?

Now, that took place over the course of 3 weeks. And in the middle of these interviews and second interviews I got a call from the Erie County Department of Health. They wanted to interview me! I had NO idea what it meant to be a “sanitarian,” but I put on my interview outfit and knocked that interview out of the park. So much so that they told me I was on the list to be hired…they just didn’t know when that may be. So I waited. May finished up, June came and went, we were more than halfway through July when my interviewer (and future boss) called me. She asked if I was still interested and I was! I think I screamed YES YES YES into the phone. I wanted a job, I needed to start getting experience (and a paycheck)!

And about 3 weeks later, on August 15, 2016, I started my first “big-girl” job, fresh out of college! 😀

I’m coming up on my one-year anniversary with the Health Dept. I work with amazing people, have AMAZING benefits, and have learned so much in the year that I have been there. Peeps…I actually CALL people now and I’m NOT awkward about it. Okay, sometimes I say, “Goodbye, love ya!” because that’s what I say to 99% of the people I talk to on my personal phone so it’s just a habit but hey, what are ya gunna do!? (I’m totally kidding…I have yet to have that happen. I just thought it would get a good laugh out of you! So I hope it worked!)

But seriously, I count my lucky stars every day that I was hired 2.5 months after graduating because I know it’s not as easy for others.

This also begs the question…where am I going? What do I plan on doing with my future?

Well, everything is kinda in the air at this point. I’m still in school — online school, that is — receiving my master’s in Emergency Management. I’m due to graduate next summer. Because I’m still in school that means I can apply for the Disney College Program. This is something I EXTREMELY regret not doing during my undergraduate career, and I’ve asked a lot of people for advice on what to do and I’ve decided I’m going to apply for the Spring 2018 semester. Life is too short and I’m so young. I want to take advantage of everything while I can. And now you’re probably screaming at me (in your head), “BUT YOU HAVE SUCH A GREAT JOB! WHY WOULD YOU LEAVE THAT!?” My boyfriend is looking at jobs in Washington, D.C., so timing wise it all works out — if I get into the DCP I’ll be done there by the time he finishes his training in D.C. (should he get this position). So, I’d be looking for a new job anyways near him because while we are long distance at the moment, we both want to take the next step and move in together.

So that’s what happened in the last year, and where I’m planning on going in the coming year. Hopefully I’ll be able to fill you in again soon! Thanks for having me again! 🙂


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