How to prepare for college

How to prepare for college

Alexis Marchitte—Whether you’re coming back to Brockport as an upperclassman or this is your first year of college, there are plenty of things you should be doing as move-in day approaches us.

  1. Working as much as possible to make enough money to cover your bills, rent, textbooks, dorm items, apartment stuff, etc.
  2. Buying all the essentials for your dorm or apartment.
  3. Back-to-school shopping for clothes, and new shoes. We may be too old now but I still love getting new clothes to start off my school year.
  4. Get a haircut! My favorite time of the year to try something new with my hair is in August before school starts, plus I never know when I’ll be home next to get a trim!
  5. Make all your appointments. Especially if Brockport is far from home for you, it’s smart to take care of all your doctor/dentist appointments before you leave and forget about them!
  6. Choose a meal plan! Whether you commute, dorm or live off campus, there are meal plan options for everyone.
  7. Buy a parking pass (if you plan on bringing your car).
  8. Apply for financial aid, scholarships, loans, etc.
  9. Compare prices for textbooks at the school bookstore, Amazon, Chegg, Bookrenter, etc. The cheapest option is the best option when it comes to textbooks.
  10. Look over class material. I know, I know it’s summer and nobody wants to study, but depending on your major sometimes it’s smart to get a head start by looking over some notes!
  11.  Set up a job on campus! I remember my freshman orientation we took a tour of the SERC, and getting a job there became a goal for me. Once I got home, I sat down on MyBrockport and applied. Many of the jobs on campus can be found on MyBrockport or Eagle Connect.
  12. Visit with your friends and family before you leave for a couple months! It might be Thanksgiving before you get to see them again!
  13. Get packing!!!

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