What I learned from sophomore year

What I learned from sophomore year

Alexis Marchitte—Ok, so maybe there are still 4 weeks left of sophomore year, but honestly I don’t know if I could possibly learn anymore. This year has been a roller coaster of ups and downs; I feel like I’ve experienced it all. Here is what I took away from this past year:

  1. You will not be the same person you were in high school. You will not be the person you were freshman year. You are going to change so much, and that is ok. You are not meant to be the same for your entire life.
  2. You might not be best friends with the people you live with. You might not even be friends at all. You might not have the same friends you did freshman year. Since you are changing so much, you are going to outgrow people. You’ll find people who think more like you do, and are interested in what you’re interested in. College is the number one place that you’ll want someone by your side, so be sure to find the friend or friends who will be there for you.
  3. You might change your major, and that is ok. You’re going to be working the rest of your life in the career field of your choice, so you better choose wisely! You might be interested in something but you’ll change your mind, but you have to do what is best for you.
  4. College is nothing like the movies say it is going to be (duh). I knew that it was exaggerated, but some things were shocking to me this year. You might not find your lifelong best friends, or your college sweetheart. You don’t get to party 24/7 and ignore your responsibilities.
  5. Freshman year is nothing like sophomore year. I am 3x as busy this year compared to last year. I was taking general education classes last year and I had so much free time. This semester I am taking 17 credits, with approx. 20 hours of clinical time every week, and I’m working 10 hours a week. I have never been so busy in my life.
  6. You probably won’t be as interested in going out as you used to be. I think once everyone gets to college and has their freedom, they love partying. Once you’re a sophomore, it isn’t as fun anymore. You are tired, broke and have piles of homework.
  7. You may want to go home more often than freshman year. I never wanted to go home last year because I loved having the freedom and independence I didn’t have at home. Sometimes, now, I wish I could go home on the weekends just to relax and see my family or hometown friends.
  8. You might possibly get sick of your roommate. (No offense roomie, I love you!!!) At first sharing a room is fun. You always have somebody to talk, watch movies or study until 3 am with. After a year and some goes by, you start looking forward to having your own space. I had my own bedroom for 6 years at home, so I’m very used to having my alone time, so sharing a room is getting old.
  9. C’s might get degrees but they probably won’t get you into grad school. Although it is still several years away, I think about graduate school a lot. Depending on your program, it can be competitive to get in. The better grades you have, the more likely you are to get accepted, receive a graduate assistantship, be awarded scholarships, etc.
  10. College keeps getting better and better! Maybe some of my points above sounded negative, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I am still finding who I am, but I am proud of who I am. I am making mistakes, but I am learning from them. I have made so many new friends this semester, and I am really looking forward to junior year.

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