Take the Chance. Say Yes.

Take the Chance. Say Yes.

Alex Bill—Hello, Brockport! Man, I have been one busy bee this semester and let me tell you, there is so much that I have to tell. While this semester seems to be whisking away at the speed of light, the weeks are still slithering by at tortoise speed. While everything has been a bit overwhelming in the past couple months, it is definitely nice to sit back and reflect, especially when so much hard work has been labored over.

On that topic, today I wanted to discuss staying busy in college. Extracurricular activities are the average student’s primary way to gain relevant experience in their field. For those of you already in college, and those of you who are still figuring it all out, heed this warning:


One of the primary things that people are looking for after you are finished with your degree is the application of your studies. If you have no experience applying your skills, you have missed out on the opportunities that Brockport has to offer. A primary goal for any college student should be to adventure out and try as many things as you can. Understand that now is the time to develop those soft skills and figure out what works, but more importantly, what doesn’t. The best part about all of this is that you can screw up as many times as you want in college, try as many new things outside of your comfort zone, and really delve into experiences that are uncomfortable.

Never be afraid to say yes to the experiences at hand. As a freshman I changed my mind so many different times. I changed my major, I joined a bunch of different clubs, and took advantage of the things that came my way. Regardless, I always said yes. No matter how busy, how hungry, how tired, it doesn’t matter. Say yes and you will always win in the end. If you don’t like it after you’ve tried, there is no shame in dropping some things — that is, as long as you are always arms open for more. No one wants to look back and regret not taking an opportunity. Sometimes it’s best to take the leap and ask questions later.

If you want some extra pep in your step, or some down-to-earth, but somewhat abrasive, guidance, I would advise watching Gary Vaynerchuk. He runs a billion-dollar marketing firm and gives advice on professional and personal decisions. He is one of the driving forces in my personal decisions. You won’t regret it!

Here is an example of one of his talks:


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