Second Half of Spring Semester

Second Half of Spring Semester

Kayla Green—It seems like just yesterday my sophomore year was beginning…but here we are in the last few weeks of the spring semester! This year has been amazing for me, but let’s not jump the gun yet because I still have SO much more to do before I pack up and head home for the summer.

This time of year is when everything starts wrapping up, and, for my major specifically, final projects get started. I have 2 major video projects that I am currently working on, both of which require going out and interviewing people and shooting other footage to mix in with the interviews. It is a lot of work, but I am enjoying every second of it. I’m happy to be able to start doing serious projects that I will actually be able to use on my professional reel. For my graphic design classes, most of our final project work will be done in class, so those aren’t as stressful right now.

I have been doing a lot with Talon Television lately as well, including several more episodes of the entertainment recap show that I co-host. I love doing that every couple weeks and getting to talk about my favorite celebrities. I plan to continue with this next year, and I am even running for entertainment director. I really hope I get the position; I think I’d really be able to bring a lot to the department.

I am also trying to get a new job next semester; my prospects include a Marketing Coordinator at Brockport Student Government, and an Admissions Ambassador in the Office of Admissions. I think the marketing position would be perfect for me, considering it would involve a lot of graphic design and video editing, both of which are things I do in my field.

There is so much going on here at Brockport right now, and I am loving every minute of it. I’m so glad I get to spend 2 more years here, and I have loved the time I’ve spent so far. If you are looking into Brockport and trying to make that last-minute decision, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Tweet me @bport_kayla or comment on this post! I’m happy to answer or talk about anything about Brockport or college in general.

6 more weeks, I can do this!

Check out a special edition of our entertainment recap show, What’s Up, What’s Down:

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