Don’t Stress, Smile!

Don’t Stress, Smile!

StressedNancyLea Illsley—Ever been so stressed you just want to break down or give up? Yeah, I’ve been there too. The final weeks of the semester will be here before we know it. Projects, papers, and presentations become due. We look at it now and go, “Oh I’ve got time!” — next thing we know it’s going to be mid-April with only a few weeks left and we’re going to be stressed to the max. I’m here to tell you all of the ways to decrease that stress.

  1. One of the biggest fads at this moment is adult coloring. You wouldn’t think so but it is one of the most relaxing things that someone can do. You don’t really have to think about it. You have to think about what color you’re going to put where, but other than that you can let your creativity flow. The best part is nobody has to see these pictures, they’re yours to show or keep to yourself. If this piques your interest, you can get coloring books pretty much anywhere.Coloring
  2. Listen to some music. This has always been my go-to; no matter my mood, I am always listening to music. Sometimes it’s nice to just put on your favorite artist or album and just listen. It’s also very stress relieving to dance. Whether you live in the dorms or off campus, don’t be ashamed to have a party of one every once in awhile. Turn it up and shake it!xYGjM
  3. Do something you love. Go outside and get some fresh air. Take a hike. Go for a run. Maybe even go for a swim (if it’s warm enough, or find an indoor pool). Read a good book. Get your friends together and go on an adventure. There’s nothing like a good adventure. To be moving is to relieve stress.enjoy-life-9-5_large
  4. Don’t think too much about all there is to do, but think about ways you can break it up into smaller pieces. If you have a homework assignment due after a week it’s given, break the assignment into something you can work on every day until it’s due. If you’re a busy person with other things more than school work and you’re tight on time, you just have to make sure you find the time. It also doesn’t hurt to ask for an extension on certain work if you’re extremely busy. Just make sure you’re getting it done!High-Five-GIF.gif
  5. Pet therapy is one of my favorite ways to relieve stress. Animals are so happy, especially when you’re giving them attention. It makes you feel good that you can make something so much smaller than you so happy. It’s nice to think there are simpler lives being lived. Not to mention just the softness of their fur will make anybody feel good. So go to a shelter, or find a friend with an animal, or if you have the convenience to go home and pet your own animals, go for it. There are many ways you can get your hands on those furry friends.animalrotator

When you’re feeling worried about anything this semester, just think of a way that you enjoy de-stressing. You can choose any of these options or you can do what makes you feel good. Have a healthy and happy last few weeks of the semester!


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