Festival of Ten X: A Performer’s Perspective

Festival of Ten X: A Performer’s Perspective

Spencer Linsner—Hey, everybody! Sorry for my tremendous absence (holy moly, I’ve written nothing at all for months!), but I’ve had something of a busy final semester here at Brockport.

Among other work both in and out of class, I decided to try something new this semester: participating in a Mainstage production at the Tower Fine Arts Center here on campus. I decided to try out for one I’d had my eye on for some time now: the Festival of Ten.

If you’re new to Brockport, the Festival of Ten is put on by Brockport every other academic year, for the past twenty years. It’s a collection of ten 10-minute plays, submitted by playwrights from around the country. Directed by students, faculty, and alumni of the College and acted out by students, these micro-plays range from serious dramas to laugh out loud comedies and everything in between.

Photos courtesy of The College at Brockport’s Facebook page. View all the photos here!

As with all Mainstage productions, auditions were open to everyone, not just theatre majors. So I gave it a go and I went to auditions, which were the first week of classes. After reading a short monologue for all the directors, and being called back to read dialogue for specific parts in specific plays, I received a call from one of the directors, Tricia Plinzke, informing me that I’d landed a role in her play “Cocktail Party”!

All in all, it was about a month from that day till we performed for the Brockport community, and what a whirlwind of a month it was! I got to flex creative muscles that I typically don’t get to use as a Computer Science major, and my director Tricia and my fellow actor Nick Marcello were absolutely awesome people to work with, and I was lucky to get to work with them.

To any underclassmen reading this: If you’ve ever considered performing on stage but you aren’t sure where to start, be certain to check out the Festival of Ten when it gets put on next, which should be the 11th iteration in 2019, barring any major schedule changes. If you’re lucky enough to be cast, it’s a ton of fun; I promise you won’t regret it!

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