Avoid Club Overload!

Avoid Club Overload!

Cat Mattis—Sorry to sound cliche, but I am almost halfway through my time at college and I feel like I just got here. During my time at Brockport, I have made new friends, learned more about myself, procrastinated a bunch, and survived on little to no sleep. I have loved every second of it.

This semester I am taking 19 credits including my first internship at Ibero American Actions League, Public Relations Director and a DJ for 89.1, still working as a Student Health Advocate for Prevention and Outreach Services, and going through the gold level of the Leadership Development Program. After listing all of that, I can now clearly see why I have spent a good period of time at college sleep deprived.

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However, this is why I believe I am a qualified person to talk about overloading yourself. If you’re anything like me, then you will want to do anything if it sounds fun and “looks good on a resume.” (Even though I’m sure it’s true for many activities, I put that in quotes because everyone says it to get you to do things and I’m sick of hearing it.)

Putting that bitterness behind me, I want to start off saying, it’s okay to say no sometimes. Sure, being involved in all of the activities on campus would make a hella awesome resume, but having time to recuperate during weeknights and weekends is amazing. Maybe even get a head start on homework during the weekends, because high grades also look stellar on a resume!

When choosing clubs, remember that you can’t do everything. Nobody can! It would take up way too much time, so just choose the ones you love or you think would benefit you the most in the future. Take the Leadership Development Program, for example: I may not be loving the gold program right now, but I learned a lot from the green level. I feel like I became a better leader because of it, and I really do enjoy attending the leadership conference. Therefore, I chose that program instead of joining the PR club.

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Another important idea I had to remember as I joined more clubs was that it’s okay to join them and quit if I don’t like them. This was very difficult at first because the word quit is normally not in my vocabulary, but I have gotten used to it; I don’t quit because I’m lazy or not determined enough, I quit because I see no benefit coming from it — like how I tried the dance team when I first came to Brockport, but I knew I needed to quit that because I wasn’t helping myself with it and I wasn’t having much fun either.

Whether you’re in college already, or you’re an incoming student, make sure you choose your clubs carefully to avoid club overload.


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