New Semester, New You

New Semester, New You

Alexis Marchitte—One of the best things about college is that every semester you basically get a redo. I remember being in high school and thinking “Wow, once I move to college I can completely change who I am and start all over”. Now I don’t mean change into somebody you aren’t meant to be. I mean if you didn’t play sports in high school, you can start in college. You can be somebody who goes out even if you didn’t in high school. You can be in clubs. You can be someone who wakes up every day at 6, eats a healthy breakfast and runs 4 miles. You can change your major, get a job, volunteer, join a sorority or frat, etc.

This doesn’t just apply from high school to college; you get this new opportunity at the beginning of each semester. It is the perfect opportunity to be who you really want to be and do things you never got to do. Especially at college, the opportunities are endless! There are the division 3 sports teams, club sports teams, intramural sport teams, hundreds of clubs, dozens of majors and minors. At the beginning of each semester, the college hosts “Club Craze,” which is where the majority of organizations on campus all get together in the SERC or the Union and have a table with information. Everyone is welcome to go and learn about all the clubs and get a chance to sign up. There are career fairs and all sorts of informational sessions about the many majors and minors. The College at Brockport makes so many things available for us students so succeed, you just need to take advantage of them. Remember, technically you’ve already paid for these things, so use your resources!

In high school I was a 3-sport athlete and an honor student, and I didn’t bother with clubs or going out. In college I gave up playing on a sports team but each semester I try to set goals in the SERC gym to keep myself in shape. Fortunately I would still consider myself an honor student; I aim to reach the Dean’s List every semester. The biggest change for me is clubs! It seems each semester I am trying something new to see what I really like and what are good resume boosters. I have tried Exercise Science Club and Habitat for Humanity; this semester I am going to try Sports Medicine Club and Phi Epsilon Kappa (the academic fraternity for physical education majors). There are so many options out there and the best part is no commitment! You are open to try whatever you like and work around your own schedule.

Without joining clubs I wouldn’t have the experiences I have now. Last spring, March 2016, I was fortunate enough to go to Florida with Habitat for Humanity Club for a week. We spent the week putting roofs and windows into houses as volunteer work for low income housing. I made friends and memories I will never forget from having that experience. Nowhere besides college is it easy to find a week-long vacation to Florida for a couple hundred dollars. College offers so many opportunities — you just have to look in the right places and be willing to leave your comfort zone. When I signed up for this trip, it was 4 days before the departure date, and I only knew 1 out of 18 people going. My biggest advice to anyone is that “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” – Neale Donald Walsch.

Maybe you’ll want a job this semester? Lucky for you there are tons of on-campus jobs for students and plenty of stores within a couple of miles to find what works for you. You want to start staying in on the weekends? There are plenty of campus-sponsored activity nights like movie nights, game nights, dances, contests, crafts, etc. Off campus there are several places to eat, boutiques and TJ Maxx if you want to shop! Brockport has a bowling alley, movie theater, parks for frolfing (frisbee golf), etc. Greece is only 20 minutes away, where there are hundreds of stores, restaurants, movie theaters, or anything you can think of. If you’re willing to venture a little further, the city of Rochester is about 30 minutes away with all the activities you can imagine. For example, this past weekend a large group of my friends went to Altitude, a huge indoor trampoline park, and to Buffalo Wild Wings.

College is all about making memories, trying new things, meeting new people, etc. It’s important to make the most out of your experience here. I find that the majority of people I know that hate college or transfer is because they don’t put themselves out there. College offers everything under the sun, you just have to be willing to give it a try.

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