Eating on Campus: Everything you Need to Know

Eating on Campus: Everything you Need to Know

Kayla Green—One thing a lot of people are unsure about before entering college is food, AKA the most important thing in life.

As a freshman living on campus, you will have the choice to get either a 14 meals a week plan or an unlimited meal plan. You get Dining Dollars with both plans, a little more with the unlimited than the 14. I had the 14 meals freshman year, and to be honest this was more than enough. I usually had breakfast in my room because my classes were so early, so I just ate lunch and dinner at the dining halls. I would just grab some yogurts and cereal bars from Wegmans every couple weeks and I would be set.

Meal swipes can be used at the dining halls, Brockway and Harrison. Brockway is located on the freshman quad, and Harrison is located at the other end of campus by the high rise residence halls.

I mentioned Dining Dollars before, so you may be thinking, “what are those?”. Dining Dollars can be used in The Square (in the Union), Jitterbugs, Kinetic Kafe, Aerie Cafe, Trax, and Eagle’s Nest. These serve as normal money and are loaded onto your swipe card as well. The options for food are endless with Dining Dollars, so let me get a little more specific about everything you can get with them.

The Square is a great place for lunch, but you can have breakfast or dinner there as well. It contains a make-your-own-salad place, Sprouts; a pizza place, Pizzaz; a Mexican place, Fiesta; and a burger / other grilled items place, The Grill. I have eaten at all these places and I can safely say they are all delicious. I love getting Burrito Bowls at Fiesta, Chicken Bacon Ranch Wraps at The Grill, Buffalo Chicken Flatbreads at Pizzaz, and Oriental Salads at Sprouts. In addition to all the main-meal places, there are also several coolers with all kinds of drinks, soup, sushi, pre-made sandwiches, and various snacks. There is also Starbucks coffee brewed fresh every day (a frequent purchase of mine) and baked goods for the morning. Subway is also located in The Square.

Jitterbugs is probably my favorite place to eat on campus. This is the coffee shop, and they have a large variety of cafe favorites. In addition to an array of coffees, smoothies, teas, and milkshakes, Jitterbugs also serves desserts, baked goods, paninis and soups. They always play great music, and it’s a great place to have group meetings or get homework done.

Kinetic Cafe is located in Tuttle, which is one of the athletic buildings. They mainly cater to healthier students and athletes, serving many different delicious smoothies and healthy snacks. I don’t go here as much so I don’t have as many details, but I have had smoothies there and they are delicious!

Aerie Cafe is located in the library, and it is a lot like Jitterbugs. They have less of a selection of coffee drinks, but they have more food. Aerie serves sushi, subs, salads, wraps, paninis, and various snacks in addition to their coffee. Being located in the library, it is a perfect place to have a study break.

Trax is below Harrison, and they serve late-night, greasy, but still delicious, food. They have pizza, subs, fries, calzones, and fried food. I try not to go here too much, but it sure is tempting considering I live about 20 feet away from it. It is a fun place to go with your friends late at night, or to get food delivered if you live all the way over on the freshman quad.

Lastly, Eagle’s Nest is located right outside Trax and is basically a mini convenience store. They have foods similar to what a grocery store would have, as well as some toiletries. They also have a milkshake machine and Starbucks drinks in addition to the groceries. Eagle’s Nest is really convenient if you don’t feel like going to Wegmans or just need one quick item.

Well, I hope I cleared up a lot of your questions about dining on campus! Feel free to tweet me @bport_kayla with any more concerns you may have! Happy eating!

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