My Transfer Experience

My Transfer Experience


NancyLea Illsley—I am a transfer student from SUNY Delhi. I graduated with an Associate’s in Business Administration. I decided I wanted to go to Brockport June of 2015, the summer before my sophomore year. I came to visit and brought my sister (she goes to Alfred State) and absolutely fell in love. There is so much beauty here, with the canal just a couple of steps off campus and the cute little shops on Main Street. Even the way the campus was set up when I came to visit was beautiful. I believe once the construction is complete it will be even more beautiful. Not to mention coming from a place like Delhi where we had a Price Chopper and had to travel a half hour to get anything, I was amazed with all this place had to offer.

There are many transfer students on this campus (I being part of that population). There are transfer students that didn’t like their other school so they transferred here. Those usually transfer their freshman/ sophomore year. There are students that changed their major and their other school didn’t offer their program. Some students have issues and have to transfer out to transfer back. Then there are the transfer students that have finished their program at another school and plan to move forward with their education (that’s the category that I fall into).

Being a transfer student isn’t easy sometimes, especially in my junior year. Friends have already developed their groups, and having an outsider join just doesn’t always work. Making friends at first was the hardest part. I sat in my room for the first couple of weeks watching Netflix and texting my friends from Delhi trying to explain how hard it was to make friends here — until I learned my suitemates had lunch every day at the same time I was free. That was the development of one of the greatest friendships I have ever had. My suitemate invited me to hang out with some of her off-campus friends, and we all hit it off.

I sometimes hear people complain about the food on campus here at Brockport, but this is nothing compared to the food they fed us at Delhi. Brockport has two dining halls; Delhi only had one, MacDonald Dining Hall. We also had something similar to the Union where we could use our meals if we weren’t foolish enough to get what was known as the Mac Only plan; this was called Farrell. Imagine you’re eating high school cafeteria food — well, Delhi food was about one step up from that. One of the reasons I chose Brockport was because of how highly their food was talked about. It’s good for campus food; be lucky that Brockport food has flavor. There weren’t a lot of ways to help the flavor of Delhi food. So next time you go to the dining hall, look at what you’re eating and if you don’t like it, just think, it could be worse.

the-shireThe thing I miss the most about Delhi is every Thursday this local bar (O’Neill’s Shire Pub) would do Karaoke Nights, and it was the most fun I have ever had. I came here and one of my first questions was is there any place around here that does karaoke. Unfortunately I have yet to find a place, but when I do, it will be a glorious day.

It used to be a “Great day to be a Bronco,” but now it’s a “Great day to be an Eagle”.

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