5 Ways to Absolutely Destroy Stress!

5 Ways to Absolutely Destroy Stress!

Alex Bill—Ok, so the title probably seemed a bit like clickbait, and honestly that was fully intentional. You see, with the busy lifestyles that most have on Brockport’s campus, you have to grab the attention of students somehow! For that I want to apologize, as this is by no means a cure-all for the stressfulness that is the combination of life and school work. College students are by far some of the most active people in society, and with all of those activities, people can bog down and become a muddled ball of tension. Sometimes we pull ourselves in so many directions that it becomes impossible to do everything that we signed up for. Here are some steps to take to alleviate some of that stress:


  1. Take a Hot Shower!

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This may sound strange, but sometimes all it takes is a nice shower to calm all of the jittery nerves. There are no phones, no roommates and no possibility of running into another project! Take this time to really breathe and give yourself the much needed time to forget about all of the projects that need to be done. Whether it’s twenty minutes or an hour, take as much time as you need.


  1. Exercise!

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While you may be thinking that you don’t have time to fit a full workout routine into your hectic lifestyle, trust me, there is time! While it may not sound ideal, if you have to fit in exercise bright and early, or maybe a quick trip to the gym before bed, it will definitely be worth it. It is proven that exercise routines reduce stress and they will help you feel better throughout your long days. It may be a bit difficult to pick up the habit, but once you do, you will feel like a million bucks as you take on your day!


  1. Tune Out!

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Ok, let’s be honest… we are hooked to our electronic devices 99% of the time during the day. We can’t get away from it. Emails coming from professors, texts from the BFF, or calendar pings reminding you of the assignment you forgot was due by midnight. Sometimes all we need to do is put it all away for an hour. Sit down and do something that doesn’t involve technology. Break out your favorite childhood novel and fall asleep while you read. It’s a nice change of pace and it tends to remind us of the tangible things in life.


  1. Jam Out!

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My personal favorite of the group! Sometimes all it takes to feel better is to rock out to some of your favorite music. Get up, dance around, sing a little. Hey, maybe you can even mix this with your long shower. Your roommates may question your sanity and singing ability, but at least you’ll feel super good after!


  1. Meditate!

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This is one that people always bring up when it comes to stress relief. Trust me, I have had my doubts as well. Meditation is one of those things that always passed by me as odd, and slightly uncomfortable when trying it. While it does take practice — and a whole lot, may I add — when you get this down, this is probably one of the most successful ways to rid yourself of those stress demons. Deep breathing and concentration are key, but boy do you feel one with the soul after a good meditation.

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