How to Tell if a School Is Right for You

How to Tell if a School Is Right for You

Cat Mattis—I have a cousin that is graduating high school this year. Her top two schools at the moment are Brockport (YAY!) and Potsdam. I go to Brockport, so of course, I am getting many questions about the school, but there’s one question my aunt asked me that I wasn’t able to give a very good answer to at the time. That question was, “Do you think this school would be a good fit for her?”

I couldn’t answer it well because first off, I would be biased towards Brockport because I know I love it so much! Therefore, I would probably assume everyone else would love it too. Second, I know no matter what I say, the only one that really knows what college is best for my cousin is herself.

I remember making my decision two years ago. I was deciding between Brockport and Niagara University. I had a decent scholarship to Niagara, so the cost wouldn’t be too much of an issue. Both campuses were beautiful, and there didn’t seem to be much if a difference in academics. As strange as it sounds, I chose to go to Brockport based on intuition. I was there for Accepted Students Day and told my dad this was the college for me.

I chose my school on a gut decision. I realize that sounds cheesy, basing a life-changing decision on my gut, but it worked out well for me. I’m sure there was still a logical reason as to why I chose Brockport over Niagara, but after coming to campus I was 100 percent sure I wanted to come here, and I’m never 100 percent sure about anything. I’m sure I still would have done great at Niagara, but I wouldn’t have been able to find a home like I have at Brockport.

The main lesson I want to stress to high school seniors that will be deciding on a college within the next couple months is that you cannot be told by another person which school is the right one for you. Don’t choose a school because your friends want you to be near them, or your parents want you to be close to home. Choose the school that you feel most comfortable with. It’s a big decision, but I promise you, you can handle it.

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