Applying into the Athletic Training Program

Applying into the Athletic Training Program

Alexis Marchitte—It is my pleasure to share with everyone that I have been accepted into Brockport’s Athletic Training program. I’d love to share my experience and everything you need to know about the application process for everyone who is interested.

  1. You’ll have to take a couple pre-requisites before you can officially apply into the program. You will have to take Survey of Anatomy and Physiology (BIO 221) and Basic Athletic Training (PES 385). Ideally you will take BIO 221 your freshman year, then in the fall semester of your sophomore year you will take PES 385, so then you are eligible to start the program in the spring of your sophomore year. The program itself is 2.5 years or 5 semesters.
  2. This year PES 385 had roughly 52 students, but by the time the application was due (near Thanksgiving break) only half of them sent in applications. So there were 26 students competing for 14 spots in the program.
  3. To be eligible to apply, you must receive a “C” or higher in all the courses required for Athletic Training. During PES 385, you are required to do a minimum of one hour of shadowing in the Athletic Training Room per week. You will be assigned a mentor to watch, and you fill out sheets on the athletes you are observing. You write down their name, sport, injury, degree of injury, and treatment plan. You will have to turn in these sheets as proof of your shadowing in order to pass PES 385 and be eligible to apply. This shadowing experience for many of us really helped us determine if AT is what we wanted to do for the rest of our college years. Some students realized that this is not what they wanted to do. For me, I realized that Athletic Training was what I wanted to do instead of Physical Therapy.
  4. Once the application comes around (end of November), you will be filling out an online application, and provide 2 letters of recommendation. If you pass your classes and your application checks out, then you will be informed that you are eligible for the interview phase. The interviews take place during finals week (mid-December).
  5. The interview is formal. You will dress professionally and sit down in front of the 6 Athletic Trainers who run the program. It is quite nerve-wracking, but don’t worry, they are very easy to talk to. The interview was around 10 minutes long, and then you’re sent away to dwell on it.
  6. The interviewers then wait until final grades come in (around Christmas), and then you will be notified around January 1st of your acceptance or decline.

I am very excited to start this new career path and spend the rest of my undergraduate years in this program. I’ve learned so much already, and I am ready to learn so much more. I’m thrilled that this program allows us to learn not only in classrooms but also during clinical courses. This semester has been quite the journey, trying to figure out what I want to do in the future, but honestly the best way to find out is to get a hands-on experience. Good luck to everyone that is planning on applying next year!

Here is the link for a bunch of more information on the program:

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