Leaving for Winter Break

Leaving for Winter Break

Alexis Marchitte—When it comes to college, winter break is a little different from high school. In high school you have a week off after Christmas, and that time is mostly used to do all the homework and projects you were assigned. In college, it’s 6 full weeks of pure heaven. No homework, no roommates, no dorm room, no walking to class in a blizzard. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love living in Brockport with all of my best friends, but I need a break sometimes. Whether you love or hate your roommates, you’ll be ready for a break by the time the first semester ends. You (hopefully) get to go home to a clean, empty room with a big, comfy bed all to yourself. It is absolutely amazing.

Now there are many ways to spend your 6 weeks off. You could do absolutely nothing and de-stress.You could find a seasonal job to make up for all the money you spent during the semester. You could join a gym and get back into shape (like me). You could even take winter courses to check some classes off your list. Whatever you decide to do, enjoy the time you have off. Go and visit your old high school friends. Spend time with your family.

Speaking of family, if you’re a freshman, this break can be somewhat difficult to adjust to. It was for me, but now that I’m on my second college winter break, it’s a bit easier. You come back home after being away for 3-4 months and suddenly everything is different. I kind of assumed that once I left, everyone’s life was put on pause until I got back. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case; my family had been living life just fine when I wasn’t there, and it was strange for me. They had a whole new routine that didn’t involve me. I felt out of place in my own home, like a stranger. Then once you get back into the swing of things, you’re off again for another semester. I’ve gotten used to it, but I still hate coming home and hearing about all the things I missed. My dad received a promotion, he got a new car, my sister had her first high school dance, my other sister starred in her school play. I have a FOMO (fear of missing out) when I’m at school; I hate not being around to watch my siblings grow up, but I try my best to call and FaceTime for every event. It is definitely something that took quite a bit of adjusting, but don’t worry, your family will still love you when you come back.

Remember that it is a little strange for them too. You’re going to come back after a couple months of having absolutely no rules or parents to yell at you. The only rules you’ve had are in your dorm building, but let’s be honest, college is pretty much a free for all. You, your parents and even your siblings will have to adjust to this new life. Make the most of your winter break, you deserve it. We spent week after week studying our tails off, late nights, gallons of coffee, all to be rewarded with a finals week in the end. I had 5 finals and 1 interview in a 3 day span. I don’t know about you, but I was ready for this break. Now I sit here, force myself to go to the gym and pray that my acceptance letter into the Athletic Training Program comes soon rather than later.

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