How to Survive 8 a.m. Classes

Cat Mattis—Let’s face it, no matter how hard you try, you will probably end up taking an 8 a.m. class during your time at college. No matter how much you complain, whine, or cry about it, you are going to have to get through it. As someone who has had 8 a.m. classes every day both this semester and last semester, I now consider myself an expert. I thought that I would be kind and share my top ten tips on how to get through it, so hopefully I can help you dread 8 a.m.’s a little less.

1) Coffee, Tea, Orange Juice!

Caffeine and sugar are necessary to ensure the ability to stay awake during the class.

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2) Try to eat something.

You may not always have time to run to the dining halls before class, but still try to scrounge up something small. I have taken to keeping granola bars in my dorm at all times in case of emergencies. Another good idea is to take an apple every time you leave the dining hall and save it for breakfast the next morning.

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3) Set a good song as an alarm.

This may not work for everyone, but it does for me. Once I hear that song, I want to start to sing along. (In case you were wondering, my alarm is Young Volcanoes by Fall Out Boy.)

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4) Set multiple alarms.

If you’re anything like me, you will turn an alarm off, thinking, “I’ll get up in five minutes”, but it only takes one more minute to fall back asleep. Simple things like setting a second alarm fifteen minutes after the first one will save your butt!


5) Take morning showers.

Sometimes all you need is a burst of water to wake you up bright and early.

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6) Try exercising in the morning.

Alright, I don’t actually do this because it leaves me fatigued in the middle of the day, but I do recommend you give it a try if you are having a particularly hard time adjusting to a new schedule. Even if you’re not huge on exercising, try a small five minute workout.

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7) Find a friend to suffer…I mean enjoy the classes with.

Friends can give you more of a reason to wake up. They will also be there to encourage you and help you out with the work.

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8) Set your circadian rhythms.

Going to bed the same time and waking up the same time sounds really difficult now, but it’s worth it. Once your body gets into a pattern, it makes it easier to stick to it.

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9) Pick out a cute outfit the night before.

Deciding on nice clothes to wear will make it easier to get ready the next morning. This could help you avoid wasting time being indecisive in the morning.

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10) Pump up the jams!

Listen to music while you get ready. No matter what time it is, good music can change anyone’s mood.

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