Communication Matters in Group Projects

Communication Matters in Group Projects

Alex Winslow—This week I had a challenge when working with a group. What do you do when one of your partners says they are going to do a part of the project but they end up not telling you what is going on? Well, you stay up half the night doing their piece of the project with your other partner as they get worried because they have to present on the very piece that was supposed to be completed.

Here is how it went:

My partner and I were able to complete all sections of the elaborate presentation of 22 slides over the course of 2 nights, including sections that needed to be completed based on other tasks of the project.

The other partner showed up 30 minutes before the presentation and explained why they had failed to complete the task.

The presenter of our group was finishing the presentation 3 minutes before class.

The presentation went well except for some details we need to figure out, but overall it could have been worse…

Here is how it should have gone:

“Hey, Alex! I’ve got something that’s keeping me from doing my work. Can you handle this piece of the project?”

“Sure, we can handle the rest of it. Thanks for the heads up. Keep us updated on how things are going.”

We would have been able to have the presentation done either Friday or Saturday instead of waiting.

Long story short, guys, communicate with your partners.

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