Why 89.1 The Point is More Than Just a “Club”

Why 89.1 The Point is More Than Just a “Club”

Cat Mattis—89.1 The Point is the radio station here on the campus of The College at Brockport. Technically, it is a club, but in my perspective it is much more than that.

This is a picture of the ribbon cutting ceremony that The Point had to introduce their brand new DJ studio.

You might already know my love for the radio station if you read one of my other posts called Officially a News Reporter, which is a description of the first time I spoke on air. I joined the radio station the second semester of my freshman year. I have found a new home there and possibly a future career.

Let me start from the beginning. I added journalism/broadcasting as a major two weeks into the school year. I never pictured myself anywhere around a microphone before. I was in both musicals in middle school, but during that time, I began getting extreme anxiety whenever I talked in front of people. In result of this, I restricted myself from talking in front of people in high school as much as I could.

My first semester of college, I got bored with the basics. I joined a couple activities, like the Leadership Development Program and the dance team. I hoped that those activities would push me out of my comfort zone. The dance team definitely did, but not in the way that I wanted it to, so I quit two weeks later.

I made a goal for second semester to find a club, activity, or possibly even a sports team that pushed me out of my comfort zone just enough that I gained a feeling of excitement by doing something different, while still using my time in a productive way. About the second week into my second semester, I saw a poster for the school’s radio station advertising recruitment for public relations, news, sports, sales, music, and production. With my major concentration being in public relations, I thought I would go and join the public relations department!

I hated the public relations department. However, I signed up for sales and news that day. I did not do much in sales, but I found a home in news that I never expected to find. I went on my first interview and I was hooked. My first interview was with Susan Bennett, the voice of Siri. The interview was a small conversation at the end of her lecture, and the most significant part was that there was another man interviewing her with us. The other man was from the Democrat and Chronicle, a legit newspaper! I felt professional, like I was doing something actual journalists do.


Me, Michael (another Point member) and Jay Pharaoh.

Since then, I have interviewed Sharon Coyle (the owner of Rolling Hills Asylum), Aasif Mandvi (a comedian that has appeared on The Daily Show), Matt Gould and Griffin Matthews (the creators of the musical The Invisible Thread) and, just this past weekend, Jay Pharaoh (a comedian and rapper).

I have made so many new friends there, and we’re practically a little family. Now, I am still training to be a DJ in circuit and I am the assistant director of the news department. The radio station has changed my life and taken me to extraordinary places. I can’t wait to see where it takes me next!

A Point family picture from Point softball last year.

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