A Day at the Market

A Day at the Market

Spencer Linsner—Hey Everyone! Welcome to new readers/freshmen, and welcome back to those who’ve been reading the blog for a while now. I hope everyone’s had a good summer, and I hope all my fellow students have settled in well.

While some of my colleagues have written some fine posts this month targeted at freshmen, my post for this month is targeted at all Brockport students.

While most students will agree that the food at the dining halls is great, and there’s a fantastic variety of places to grab a meal in the village, sometimes a home-cooked meal really hits the spot. Sure, you can go to Wegmans or Wal-Mart for ingredients; both are great options, and they’re right in Brockport. But, if you’re willing to drive a little further (and maybe even make a day out of it), then you can get even fresher ingredients at the Rochester Public Market.

The Public Market (which is actually run by the City of Rochester) is open 52 weeks a year on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. On peak Saturdays, over 300 vendors are selling all sorts of great stuff. Fresh fruit and veggies, homemade foodstuffs, snacks, drinks, clothes, jewelry… the list goes on. All of this and more can be found at the temporary stands the vendors set up in the two main buildings.. There’s even a few buskers playing music for all to hear (not all of them guitar players, either — I saw a girl playing a violin on my past trip).

Plenty of permanent mini-restaurants and food stands dot the market as well, selling everything from handmade pastas with interesting ingredients blended in (personal favorite: mushrooms) to fresh apple cider donuts. I would be completely remiss, however, if I did not mention my absolute favorite place to grab a bite to eat: Juan and Maria’s Empanada Stop (there are two stalls at the pubic market, so you’re never too far away). First of all, if you’ve never had an empanada, you need to correct that. They’re a Latin dumpling-type pastry, stuffed with various kinds of filling. Their empanadas are absolutely PHENOMENAL. They’ve got many types of empanadas to choose from, but my personal favorite is the RBC (Rice, Bean and Cheese). It’s a good variety to pick if you’ve never had one.

Overall, the Public Market is a great example of the many awesome attractions Rochester has to offer, and as a Brockport student, shopping there is an opportunity you shouldn’t pass up.

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