After Hours in Brockport: Where to Eat

After Hours in Brockport: Where to Eat

Main Street Brockport (Image:

Christy Nolan—When I was looking at schools, I had a checklist of what I wanted in my college community. For Brockport to be a contender, it first and foremost needed to radiate a certain safe yet fun vibe, while possessing excellent professors and programs. Seeing as I am a current student, Brockport obviously exceeded my expectations in these regards. However, I also wanted to personally feel as if I was at “home” (or at least get the closest to that feeling as I could) as quickly as possible when I made the transition into college life.

My main concern: the food; because all of us in one way or another associates our hometowns with the cuisine surrounding it. I was primarily focused on what I would be eating after the dining halls closed on the weekend nights during which I would visit Main Street with my friends after hours.

And let me be the first to tell you, Brockport does not disappoint.

As an experienced Brockport senior, a foodie, and a frequent Main Street visitor, I am here to let you know the best places you can stop for a bite when you feel those late night college cravings coming on, or if you just need a break from hitting the books!

(Disclaimer: most of these options are NOT nutritious, but sometimes that makes it all the more fun, don’t you think?)

1. Trax

Trax was my lifeline during my years in the dorms seeing as it closes at 1:00 a.m. and I usually went to bed around 1:30. Being the only late-night dining option on campus, we were instant buddies. I went so frequently that employees knew me by my name and order (chicken fingers, plain; bottle of water). Trax accepts Dining Dollars rather than meal swipes, but usually your limited plan can withstand a weekly or biweekly late-night visit. This also means that you don’t have to use your hard-saved cash to eat here!

Trax’s options are primarily made up of fried foods, which can taste great after a long week. However, if you’re looking for better options, Eagle’s Nest is right next door. Eagle’s Nest serves a lot like a convenience store on campus; they have everything from loaves of bread to coffee to individually-wrapped sandwiches (and a big plus: it takes Dining Dollars too!).

See Trax’s Website Here!

2. Perri’s Pizza

Perri’s is a Main Street staple known primarily for their HUGE slices (like, bigger than your head, huge). They even give you a paper bag to bring it home in because it doesn’t fit on a regular paper plate! Each slice goes for $3.50-$3.75, which yes, can be pricey for a WNY pizzeria; but seeing as it is basically two thin slices put together, you get your money’s worth!

Perri’s also has a pretty good menu with other great pizzeria favorites and some miscellaneous foods that are always surprisingly amazing. (Try the fried pickles or fried banana peppers if you’re feeling adventurous!)

Another great thing about Perri’s: they close at 3 am on the weekends, so you have plenty of time to finish your big slice!

See Perri’s Website Here!

3. Jimmy Z’s

Jimmy Z’s is a Brockport favorite. They have every late-night snack you can possibly think of, including the famous Rochester favorite: the Garbage Plate. Don’t know what a Garbage Plate is? The name does not do it justice but DOES give you an accurate depiction as to what it looks like. Basically, you pick a bunch of your favorite foods and pile it together in one serving, easy enough.

Jimmy Z’s is constantly around the Brockport community sponsoring events and giving out t-shirts, so if you haven’t visited the famous Main Street eatery, have you really endured the full Brockport experience?

Jimmy Z’s closes at 4 am on the weekends, so there is virtually no reason to go to bed hungry on your night off from school!

See Jimmy Z’s Website Here!

4. Mark’s Pizzeria

Where they treat you like family… If you haven’t heard the commercial yet, I’m sure you will soon.

As a Buffalonian, I am always looking for a thick doughy slice to compare to my favorites back at home. Mark’s has been my saving grace in this way. Their pizza is slightly smaller, yet thicker than Perri’s; so don’t worry, it will still leave you full and satisfied.

Mark’s is also across from Holley Street, which means it is passed the hectic side of Main St. and more toward the places you are most likely walking to and from.

Mark’s closes at 2:30 am on the weekends (although it says midnight online), which is perfect for those nights when you just want to grab a slice and head home. Also, the pizzeria is rarely as crowded as Jimmy Z’s and Perri’s due to its location, so you are sure to have that slice in your hands quickly!

See Mark’s Website Here!

5. Burrito Fresco

Although they close at 10 pm, I had to give my favorite burrito place a shout out. They are TO DIE FOR incredible (am I biased? Yes). Also the atmosphere is awesome and the employees are great.

(Burrito Fresco has since closed its doors)

And finally…

6. Calio’s

I had to include Calio’s because they have a ridiculous number of options, they are open UNTIL 4 amAND they deliver. Also, there is no such thing as a bad calzone, so you might as well check it out!

See Calios’ Website Here!

I hope this short list provides some insight when you need a break from a late night study session, a snack during a night with friends, or a bite after a movie at The Strand

…And if you plan to eat healthy, I hope your mini fridge is stocked with fruit ahead of time!




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