Sophomore Year vs. Freshman Year

Sophomore Year vs. Freshman Year

Alexis Marchitte—Now that I am a couple weeks into my sophomore year I can already feel and see how different this year is going to be compared to last year. There isn’t one aspect that hasn’t changed since last year. It has taken quite a bit to make a working schedule for myself to follow; to be honest, I’m still not managing my time well. My anatomy grade can prove that. That is where the biggest difference between freshman year and this year is; in my classes. I hate to say it, but my classes last year were a piece of cake, basically the “13th grade” because I was just taking general education classes. Now I am full swing into my major and program. I am currently a kinesiology major but I am also an athletic training intent, so this semester is especially important. I am currently in Basic Athletic Training and at the end of this course I will apply and interview into the program. I will find out my results in January. The better I do in Anatomy and Physiology 1 and Basic Athletic Training, the better my chances will be. I am also required to do at least one hour a week of observation hours in the Athletic Training Room as a requirement for the class. Needless to say I am already very busy, and this year requires much more studying than I am used to. I haven’t quite figured out how to add working out and clubs into my schedule yet. Besides A&P1 and Basic, I am taking Motor Learning, Significance of Physical Activity, and Sport and Exercise Psychology. Although I am struggling, I am happy to be learning about what I want to do for the rest of my life.

My living situation is slightly different this year as well. I am living with the same 3 girls as last year except we added 2 more to the group. The featured picture is of my dorm room this year. Not quite as roomy, but we’re creative and making it work. I am living in Mortimer with 5 suite mates, and it is going fabulously. Surprisingly we never have to fight for the shower…or at least not yet! I am currently in the process of searching for an apartment off campus for next year, we are hoping to sign a lease before Thanksgiving. House hunting is the most adulting thing I’ve ever done, it’s both stressful and exciting. I’m excited to live off campus because it’s cheaper, you don’t have RA’s, and I am excited to start cooking for myself. I am starting to get sick of the dining hall food, only because I am trying to eat a lot cleaner this year and it would be a lot easier if I prepared my own meals. Last year I had an unlimited meal plan so I ate at the dining hall anywhere from 2-3 times a day. Now I have 10 meals a week so I am mainly using Dining Dollars at the various cafes around campus and the Union. I like Dining Dollars better because these places tend to offer healthier options. I am in love with Sprouts, the salad place, and Fiesta, the Chipotle-type place on campus.

So here is to sophomore year — being busy is a good thing, right? It means there are a lot of good things in store for me!


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