Summer Adventures Behind Me and Patiently Awaiting the Fall Weather

Summer Adventures Behind Me and Patiently Awaiting the Fall Weather

Cat Mattis—Summer was absolutely amazing! I had so much fun catching up with my friendsCatherine Mattis's photo. after not seeing them for months! I was worried it would not be the same after college and everyone would change, but I was worried about nothing! My friends were just as perfect as they had always been! My friends and I went on sooo many adventures! Including swimming, hiking, and many, many trips to Denny’s. I worked thirty hours a week at a summer day camp, but of course I still made plenty of time for my friends.IMG_5827.JPG

I did manage to spend a lot of time with my very best friend/boyfriend this summer despite being two hours away. Being long distance was rough, but I knew we would be strong enough to get through it. The last weekend before school, we took a camping trip to Burnham State Park at the Thousand Islands for our one-year anniversary. It rained both nights, but the trip was still really fun!

I came back to school a week early to go through training for my new job as a Student Health Advocate for Prevention and Outreach Services. Training was all week and very long, but for the most part cq4mf9gweaazsaienjoyable. Part of my training was learning how to facilitate the EagleCHECK program for the new freshmen. On Saturday morning I was up at 7:45am to do that. Waking up that early was tough, but I drank two cups of coffee to get peppy and the freshmen in both my groups were great!

I did not know my suitemates before I moved in, but all of them are awesome! They are very relaxed and all of them are so nice. I got very lucky this year with my room assignment. The only thing that sucks about my living arraignments this year is how excessively hot it is living in the towers! Although this season has been unusually hot and luckily everyone brought a fan to beat the heat. Because of the heat, I just can’t wait for the fall to come!

My schedule for this year is absolutely hectic! I am taking nineteen credits, working, doing two news reports a week for 89.1, still training how to be a DJ, and working through the Gold level of the Leadership Development Program. I am a little nervous to take on all of this work, but I am extremely excited to see what my sophomore year has in store for me! I know I can take anything that comes my way!

Stay beautiful Brockport! ^_^

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