Summer Work, Fall 2016, and Working for Brockport Student Government

Summer Work, Fall 2016, and Working for Brockport Student Government

Alex Winslow—This has been a very fun and memorable summer vacation. To start it off, I got to go see Celtic Woman which is a group that I really like. But my highlight would have to be what comes next!

One of the biggest challenges I have faced and conquered has been to lose weight. Not only did I lose 40 pounds, but I jogged a 5k in under 30 minutes. I did not think either were possible for me, and to say that I have done it is very rewarding. I have to give thanks to my mentor, Andy, and the SERC team for all of their help. Without them, I doubt I would have taken on this project over my vacation.

Fall has started with all of its fun and challenges. Senior year is already picking up speed. Between my 6 classes, I already have projects in 4 of them due by the end of the semester.

I now have a coding project with a department on campus.


I’ll be staring at screens like this for a lot of the semester.

Along with my IT job, I have picked up a job with Drake Library and was elected into the Brockport Student Government for a Senator position to represent the Fine Arts Clubs. In a short way, I get to work with what I think are all of the fun clubs that do dancing, gaming, fashion, art, and music. These clubs are already working on meetings and events. It is exciting to see what they do next.


I’m also pretty impressed that BSG made an awesome move. They combined with the Student Union Programming Team to form a better system for programming events with all of us students. So far, the change has been pretty positive and it will be interesting to be part of the change that occurs this year.

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