Advice for Incoming Freshmen

Advice for Incoming Freshmen

Cat Mattis—I definitely wanted to write an advice post because if you are anything like me, you are freaking out right now with about two weeks left until college. I attempted to enlist the help of my cousins who are headed off to college this fall, by asking if they had any questions about college life, but they were not able to help very much. The only questions they had were about the meal plan, so I wrote about Brockport meal plans and then picked a couple other topics. However, I love giving advice, so if you still have questions about college life after reading this, feel free to ask any other questions you have in the comments!

Meal Plans 

Freshman year at Brockport there are two options. I DEFINITELY recommend getting the unlimited plan, at least for the first semester. It is only slightly more expensive, and in college a trip to the dining hall means more than just eating. It is a chance to socialize and hang out with friends. (Which is why it is sooo easy to gain that freshman 15.) Some days I would go to lunch but then find myself back at the dining hall an hour later eating more food because a friend asked for a lunch buddy.

Additionally, both of the meal plans come with dining dollars. Woo! You can spend those at various places around campus, such as, the Aerie Cafe in the library. I spend all of my dining dollars on the coffee and tea they have there. IMPORTANT TO KNOW: Dining dollars roll over from semesters in the same school year, but not into the next year.


BE OPEN AND HONEST WITH YOUR ROOMMATE. I cannot stress that enough! If there is an issue between you two, then say something when it happens. This is something I did wrong. I wanted to be the chill roommate, but it is hard to keep my chill when I wake up at 7:30am to her on a Facetime call. It wasn’t every morning, so I rationalized it out to I did not have to say anything. Looking back now, I realized I should have.

Going Out

Yes, a lot of incoming freshmen do look forward to this part the most, but whatever you do, BE SAFE! Always bring a friend along, do not feel pressured into doing anything, and leave if you feel uncomfortable. Do not worry if you don’t like to go out, because there is always something going on on campus, whether it be the awesome Late Night events put on by the Union Programming team or video game in the dorms with some good friends, you are guaranteed to enjoy your weekends on campus.


In high school, the teachers always said how different college classes are. For the most part, classes are the same level of difficulty, but lecture classes and 8am classes are difficult to adjust to. Just because you went to class early in high school does not mean that you will be able to wake up that early for a college class. College is an extremely different atmosphere where you have to be entirely self motivated to go to bed early and wake up on time. Self motivation is a major problem for lecture classes as well. There could be up to 200 students in some classes, so the teacher may not even know your name and would not notice if you missed a class. You have to motivate yourself to go because missing classes will have an effect on your grade! SO GO TO CLASS!

I hope you found my advice helpful. Have fun the rest of your summer, and make good choices!

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