A Girl’s Guide for Packing Clothes

A Girl’s Guide for Packing Clothes

IMG_2280Alexis Marchitte—The picture above is what the closets look like in the corridor style rooms. The suite style room closets are slightly bigger and set up differently.

As promised, I’m going to create a clothing list for all you girls who are getting ready to pack your lives and all your accessories for college! Be prepared to pack literally every clothing item you own. You might not realize it now but you’re basically moving out and you’re going to need it all, unless you live close enough to drive home and get your favorite sweater! Here we go, brace yourselves:


  • tank tops
  • light weight V necks or T shirts for throwing on when you’re late to class
  • regular old college tee shirts (I wear these to bed and to the gym. Plus you’ll get tons of free ones your first year!!!)
  • activewear tops
  • long sleeves
  • cute “going out” shirts, crop tops, lightweight tanks you won’t sweat in, etc
  • business attire shirts, just one or two for when you have an interview or presentation
  • chambray button up (looks like a jean shirt)
  • flannels
  • comfy sweaters (perfect for pairing with leggings)
  • cardigans (seriously these are God’s gift to women, they look good with everything)
  • rain jacket
  • jean jacket
  • lightweight fall jacket
  • vest!!!
  • WARM winter coat (the walks to class on those winter mornings are brutal)


  • jean shorts
  • those cute new soft shorts that are in style
  • athletic shorts
  • shorts/pants to sleep in. (warning people WILL see you in these, choose wisely)
  • yoga pants, joggers, sweatpants (your personal preference)
  • yoga crops
  • fleece lined leggings  (beautiful thing to have for the winter time)
  • jeans (crops, high waisted, jeggings, mid rise, low rise, ripped. Bring ’em all)
  • always bring a pair of dark, basic skinny jeans! (my go-to)
  • khakis
  • skirts (I’m not a skirt person so you’re on your own here)
  • business attire dress pants or appropriate pencil skirt


  • The Little Black Dress
  • one appropriate for an interview or formal event
  • one easy tee shirt dress to wear on those extra hot, lazy days
  • one for wearing out and about on a Friday night


  • sneakers
  • CROCS (I’m sorry ((not sorry)) for all you Croc haters but I love them. They are convenient for everything. Running to the laundry room, slipping on when you’re late, wearing to the community bathroom. The possibilities are endless)
  • converse, keds or vans
  • Sperry’s or your classic boat shoe
  • flip flops
  • some shoe you can wear in the shower of the community bathroom whether it’s flip flops or crocs or water shoes
  • sandals you can either dress up or dress down (or bring multiples)
  • flats you can wear with anything
  • wedges for summertime
  • maybe one pair of heels to go with your little black dress
  • combat boots or little booties
  • riding boots (to be honest I wish I had a pair of both black and brown)
  • Uggs/Bearpaws
  • Ducks boots/Rubber winter boots (I soon realized that uggs get way too wet walking to class and you’ll need something more waterproof and slightly warmer)


  • your usual jewelry
  • statement necklaces
  • fashion scarves
  • purse (not my department but I’m sure you’ll figure it out)
  • wallet wristlet
  • key fob/lanyard for your room, mail, and car keys
  • fashion headbands
  • headbands for working out
  • backpack and or tote for class
  • sunglasses
  • hats (baseball caps, winter hats, earmuffs, etc)
  • FitBit (definitely not necessary but I can’t go anywhere without it)
  • statement watches
  • gloves (preferably touchscreen gloves)
  • bralettes

Good luck, ladies!

Don’t forget laundry detergent/pods, dryer sheets, hangers, a lint roller, and a hamper/laundry basket!

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