Alumni Spotlight: Jim Mignano

Alumni Spotlight

We’ve asked some of our Winging It alumni to let us know what they’re up to these days. Here, Jim Mignano ’13 talks about how his Brockport blogging experience helped prepare him for his current work with communications agency Text100, as well as other professional development. Watch for more of these features in the coming weeks.

Jim Mignano, alumus—I don’t actually remember the first time I came across Brockport’s Winging It blog, or how I started to participate as a writer for the site. I think I was a junior at the time, and probably wanted to add a line on my resume or show potential employers that I was a decent writer.

Although I might not have realized it or been able to articulate it at the time, the real reason I enjoyed writing for Winging It was far bigger than building a resume. It was because I was contributing to an online treasure-trove of research resources.

As best-selling author David Meerman Scott frequently points out, people constantly turn to the Internet to research and solve their problems:

“We research someone online before agreeing to a first date – is he a creep? We fire up LinkedIn an hour before an initial business meeting – does she have anyone I know in her network? We watch an on-demand movie trailer before deciding which film to see that night at the theater. We check out restaurant reviews and browse menus before booking a reservation.”

And, today, we get a glimpse of what life is like at a college before agreeing to pay thousands of dollars to attend. Brockport Winging It is a valuable resource for high school students who are deciding where to spend the next four years of their lives.

I’m a senior account executive at Text100 – a global communications agency with an office right here in Rochester, NY. My day job involves – at least in part – helping client companies and their executives develop and publish their own online content… everything from tweets, LinkedIn posts, podcasts, and – yes – blog posts.

I’m the President of PRSA Rochester and a member of the National Institute for Social Media’s Advisory Committee, and both roles involve helping other communicators use online media like blogs to reach their audiences with their messages. I also help develop the strategy of and write blog posts for PRSA Rochester’s The PRep and Text100 Rochester’s Text Appeal. So blogging is clearly still very important to me both personally and professionally. I guess you could say Winging It taught me a thing or two!

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