Snapshot of my Freshman Year

Snapshot of my Freshman Year


Cat Mattis—The featured picture was included in the Brockport Week in Pictures from the spring. Neither Alex or I knew that it was taken, and we found it on the website the week after. I thought this was a cute memory to start with. 

As much as I want a break from the homework, I don’t want to leeeeave!!! With two weeks left in the semester, I am starting to get nostalgic about the memories I have made this past year. I thought for this post I would go over a few memories. I feel it’s a good way to wrap up my fantastic freshman year and get me energized enough to take on all my finals.

I’ll start from the beginning of the year. The second night I was on campus, I went to IMG_4975.JPGgrocery bingo (where the college gives away bags of groceries from Walmart as prizes) with a group of friends. Some of my friends were getting a little too into the game, so after a couple rounds, my friend Sara, my boyfriend Alex, and I snuck out of bingo. We were all hungry, so instead of walking to Trax, we decided to walk all the way to Main Street for Jimmy Z’s, and we talked all the way there. It was the perfect adventure to kick off college.

A little later in the year, I ventured into the game room of my building to play pool with my friend Autumn. I may suck at pool, but this was just the beginning. There was already a group of guys in the game room playing… 2k15, I believe. We talked to them and they let us play! That night we only stayed up to about 12am, but this led to many more trips down to the game room. One night we went down and Autumn helped me study for my bio lab test. That night, not as much studying got done as I would have hoped for, but I do not regret a thing. A couple of the guys started playing baseball with a chair cushion and a soccer ball. We did not go up for bed until about 3am. This was special to me because it felt so “college”. Staying up late on a school night was extremely forbidden in high school, but no one watches when you go to bed in college.IMG_5103.PNG

One event that I never thought I would admit to having fun at is the school’s Homecoming pep rally. I hated pep rallies in high school. Everyone did at my school, because there was a billion and two teenagers packed into a gym like sardines and expected to have pep. This one was very packed but much more interesting. I went with a group of friends from the commuter lounge and my boyfriend. We gathered all our pep and enjoyed the pep rally. Our pep had not settled yet, so we gathered into cars and went to Jimmy Z’s.

Finally, the last memory I will put in this post is Eagle Day. I waited in line for an hour with my friends Autumn, Sarah (different one than before), and Patti. We were about twenty people back and got free 08a06601-8374-4f82-8cc2-a70c635db60c.jpghats and free t-shirts. After all that time of waiting, we were we set free into the chaos. There were food trucks, free henna, free caricatures, bouncy houses, and a rock wall! We headed straight for the henna, followed by the Dippin Dots truck. Over the course of the day, I enjoyed a pulled pork grilled cheese from Cheesed and Confused and a strawberry smoothie, that was DELICIOUS!

I’ve had many more adventures, but there’s a small snapshot of my year! I can’t wait for my next semester to make even more memories!

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