Almost Done…But Looking Ahead

Almost Done…But Looking Ahead

Kayla Green—Hey everyone!

I can’t even believe I am only here at Brockport for 3 more weeks and then it’ll be summer! This semester has flown by and I have so much going on in these last few weeks. But first, let me recap what has been going on with me.

On April 6th, I participated in Brockport’s annual Scholars Day. I had to present with my Honors natural disasters lab and I also had to make a poster for the Honors LLC. My natural disasters presentation consisted of a powerpoint developed by the 12 of us in the lab about how poverty and diversity affects people when natural disasters strike. We each had to present a slide when we gave this presentation in the Liberal Arts auditorium on Scholars Day. My Honors LLC poster was created in a group, and we had to choose a topic relating to our iPads, since the Honors College gives every student in it a free iPad at the beginning of the year. My group chose 5 apps that can help with schoolwork, we explained what they do, and put pictures of them on our poster. I also attended a session for an article for my newswriting class. The session was called “Gender and Class as Represented in the Hunger Games Trilogy”, and I found it very interesting, being a Hunger Games fan. Scholars Day is a great experience to see other students’ work that they have been doing all year, and the lunch given for presenters wasn’t too bad either.

I registered for my classes last week as well, and I am very excited about what I am taking. In my major, I have motion graphics, web publication and design, and media performance. For my minor (which I officially declared, it is graphic design), I have 2D design, and for my last gen-ed I have honors psychology. For once, I am excited for every single class, which is really exciting! I am also going to continue with my current internship as a video intern, and I also re-applied and was hired again at Community Development. I am going to be really busy again next year, but I am really looking forward to everything I will have going on.

My living situation for next year has also been finalized, I will be rooming with my friend Emily, and my friends Jordan and Harriet will be in the suite with us, along with 2 randoms. We are living in the Creative Artists LLC in Bramley Hall, which is exactly where we wanted to live. We have already started discussing what we need to buy for next year and we are all getting so excited.

This past weekend, I attended Eagle Day, which is basically like a fun end of the year carnival for Brockport students. Everything is free, which includes about 10 food trucks, caricatures, henna tattoos, bounce houses, rock climbing, and more. I ate delicious mac and cheese and a buffalo chicken melt, and I got a cute henna tattoo of a feather on my foot. The weather was amazing that day and it was overall such a fun event to celebrate the end of the semester!

Looking back on the year, I really just can’t believe how much I have done and how much I have grown. College has just been such a great experience for me so far, and I couldn’t be happier to be here at Brockport. The photo attached is of my friends and I dressed up to go out to dinner in Rochester a couple weeks back, another really fun night with great people. I am going to miss everyone over the summer, but I will admit I am excited to go home and see my high school friends and family, and I know I’ll be back here before I know it!

Thanks to everyone for reading these posts all semester — I hope they have helped you with your college questions and curiosities! Have a great summer everyone!



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