Dining Hall Hacks

Dining Hall Hacks



Alexis Marchitte—Here on campus we have two dining halls, Harrison and Brockway. Harrison is much bigger, is centrally located around the majority of the residence halls, and they have more options. Brockway is surrounded by freshman dorms and they don’t have quite as many options. So far from my time here at Brockport I’ve learned a few tricks for navigating the dining hall and how to get the most out of your meal plan!

  1. Don’t be afraid to take a few things out of the dining hall! They allow you to take one fruit or one dessert every time you go. If you start taking a banana, apple or orange when you leave the dining hall then you’ll end up with a ton of free, healthy snacks in your dorm! I love to eat a banana dipped in some peanut butter when I’m studying.
  2. Every day at Harrison they have a create your own meal, and you can pick from various vegetables to saute up in either broth or oil. The key here is to look around at the salad station for extra vegetables that they aren’t offering. You can hand them a plate of anything else you find around the dining hall and they can cook them up as well. A great healthy meal I like to have is the sauteed vegetables and grilled chicken. My suite mate also suggests adding soy sauce or other dressings to spice this meal up.
  3. Grilled chicken with everything! This is such a great protein for you to do what you wish with it! You can take it over to the sandwich station and have a grilled chicken wrap, you can ask the grill station to add a slice of cheese and a bun, you can add it to your spaghetti, add some protein to your salad! The options are endless.
  4. My roommate is the Queen of Breakfast, she has come up with the best creations that she allowed me to share with you. First is you can get a bagel and add egg to it, Canadian ham, bacon, cheese, anything you want to make a breakfast sandwich of your choice! Her best creation yet is at the make your own waffle station. She makes the waffle and then puts brown sugar, cinnamon sugar, syrup, whipped cream and then just a touch more of cinnamon sugar to make a cinnamon toast crunch waffle! It is a fool proof breakfast, you can’t go wrong! (Picture shown above)
  5. Take ingredients from the salad station to add to your wrap at the sandwich station!
  6. Chocolate milk in your cereal instead of regular milk.
  7. Logan Berry + Ginger Ale = Shirley Temple
  8. When you make a salad, grab 2 salad bowls, and now you can use them both to shake your salad!
  9. Take some strawberries, cucumbers, lemons, etc to add to your water!
  10. My personal favorite for the morning after a late night out is a made-to-order omelet from Harrison, home fries and a cup or two of chocolate milk. You’ll instantly be ready for the day! (Featured Image)
  11. Don’t be afraid to look in the sante station, although it is mainly for gluten free, lactose free, and vegetarian options they have some really good food! Plus it’ll help with the freshman 15!
  12. Take advantage of the specialty dinners they offer around holidays. Often around finals they do a late night breakfast from 10 to midnight. You can’t miss it!

My biggest advice is to watch what you eat, especially as a freshman. I thought I was eating a well-balanced diet but that’s not always the case. The unlimited constant supply of food will catch up to you! Your family will want to send you gifts — always ask for Wegmans gift cards! It is practically on campus, and that way you can stock your dorm with a ton of healthy options like pretzels, crackers, trail mix etc!

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