Main Street Favorites

Main Street Favorites

My friends from HS! From left to right: Natalie, Rachel, Me! As you can's never a dull moment with us! :P
My friends from HS! From left to right: Natalie, Rachel, Me! As you can see…it’s never a dull moment with us! 😛

Katelynn Groh—This past weekend two of my very best friends from high school came up and I was FINALLY able to show them around campus and around town after 4 years! We had a blast and I was so excited for them to see Brockport! But it made me realize that maybe some of you haven’t had a chance to get off campus and explore Main Street, or for our prospective students, maybe you’re wondering what there is to DO on Main Street.

Here are a few of my favs…

  1. JIMMY Z’S. I’m not a pizza lover, in fact I hate pizza. So when I’m craving take-out, I turn to Jimmy Z’s. Now, if any of you know me you know I love mozzarella sticks and french fries…both of which Jimmy Z’s does extremely well. So, when my friends were up I took them out to the bars (we’re all legal, don’t fret) and then after a night of dancing and having some fun, we were starving! Well it just so happens my favorite munchie foods after a night out are mozz sticks and french fries, so I told my friends that we were going to Jimmy Z’s. Well let me tell you, it did not disappoint! In fact, my friends said that the mozz sticks were the best they ever had and wanted to get some for the car ride home the following morning! Point being, if you’re looking for something other than pizza and incredibly delicious…JIMMY Z’S!!!
  2. Lift Bridge. If I could go into a bookstore and spend hours looking at/reading books on a rainy day, I would. And Lift Bridge is perfect because it’s a local bookstore so it has that home-y feel to it! They also sell textbooks for students at discounted prices! Also, does anyone else love the smell of books?
  3. Pink Armadillo. Okay, I put this one in here because when most people get to college they’re “free” and want to do things that their parents wouldn’t usually let them while living at home…tattoos and piercings are no exception. I’ve only gotten my ears pierced (cartilage and third holes, if you’re curious) at Pink Armadillo and both experiences were positive, fun, and safe. I went with a friend for moral support while she got her tattoo, and they did an amazing job! However, if you’re going to get a tattoo, do your research first! Don’t just walk into a tattoo parlor with no knowledge of what you’re getting yourself into.
  4. BROCKPORT DINER. I have my order memorized; when they hand me a menu I say, “No thanks, I know my order.” 9/10 times it’s french toast and maybe I’ll spice things up and get eggs and hash browns. Other times I’ll get french fries with it…don’t judge, their french fries are amazing. And then sometimes I go real original and get chicken fingers and french fries. My friends rave about their chicken finger pita though too, so if you’re more adventurous than I am go ahead and try that! Point is, you’ll never have a bad meal at the diner! I took my friends there for breakfast before they left because if I was going to show them one thing in Brockport during their stay it was going to be the diner!
  5. Bittersweet. Bittersweet is on one of the corners of Main Street and it’s the cutest little shop filled with knick-knacks, jewelry, home decor, scarfs, etc. Anything you could possibly imagine! Definitely a great place to go if you’re looking to shop locally or need a gift for mom, grandma, an aunt, cousin, friend, girlfriend, and so on!

So there are 5 of my favorite places on Main Street to go and visit, and when it’s a nice day out it’s great to get some friends and walk there to enjoy the sunshine! There are tons of other places that I’m sure I’ve missed, one of them being Abbott’s Ice Cream which isn’t on the main strip of Main Street but a little farther down that has delicious homemade ice cream!

I’m definitely feeling a little nostalgic after writing this post…I don’t know where I’m going to get mozz sticks once I graduate because I’m not kidding when I say that Jimmy Z’s has the best mozz sticks. Do they deliver to Buffalo? That would be great! Anyways, hope this gave you some ideas on where to go on Main Street! Where are your favorite places??? Maybe I can check them out before I graduate!

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