Mr. Linsner Goes to Town

Mr. Linsner Goes to Town

Spencer Linsner—Hey Everyone!

Sorry for the long absence—it’s been a busy few weeks, but I’m here with a new story for you all!

I thought I’d talk about a trip my friends and I took into the village of Brockport a couple weeks ago. It really provides a nice example of some of the great businesses and places to go in our little college town.

The first thing I did on this Saturday day trip was go out and find a barber, as I was desperately in need of a haircut. I’d never actually gotten my hair cut in Brockport before now, so I arbitrarily decided on one I saw on google: Barber Cuts. The owner, Gia, did a fantastic job with my haircut, and is incredibly nice to boot! I highly recommend Barber Cuts; prices are affordable, and the service is top notch. (You can even get a hot towel shave if you want!)

While I was getting a clean look, my friends killed time by driving across town and perusing the shelves at Game Players Unlimited. You can go to any Gamestop to pick up the newest triple-A video games, but Game Players Unlimited offers new titles as well as classics from older consoles. My friends and I found a couple of fun Gamecube games for a steal!

After that, it was off to The Strand for a movie. The Strand is a classic movie theater. A big marquee dominates the street corner it sits on, and while it sports only three theaters, it still plays movies during first run. Pretty good for a theater that got its start in 1916. The movie we were seeing that night? Deadpool, in all its R-rated glory. A fantastic movie, and lots of irreverent fun, but don’t take the kids, for the love of God (and students, don’t watch it with your parents unless you want a really uncomfortable 2 hours).

Finally, we capped off the night by getting dinner at Jimmy Z’s Texas Hots, the premiere location in Brockport for all your fried food needs. Great burgers, excellent hot dogs, mean garbage plates, and more shake flavors than you can shake (no pun intended) a stick at, it’s easily my favorite restaurant. Not to mention, the owners are great people, and they really know how to market through social media (take a look at some of those Instagram pics and tell me you’re not hungry).

Well, I hope you enjoyed this late-night post. And if you are in fact hungry after that last paragraph, don’t worry—Jimmy Z’s is open till 3am tonight!

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