My Internship Experience

My Internship Experience

Alex Winslow—I have had the pleasure to be an IT intern at Flaherty Salmin CPAs for over a year now. This internship was an unexpected one that I have enjoyed.

Recently they were labeled as one of the Democrat and Chronicle‘s best places to work in Rochester. This was exciting to find that I’m working in such a company.

Working in this environment has taught me a few things. I was able to test out different styles of dressing up, encounter different ways of solving technical problems, and meet great coworkers.

Getting to know the new lingo of the workplace was probably the toughest point as far doing the job. It’s similar to my tech support job here at Brockport, but with more direct access to other aspects of IT, such as Networking or Telecommunications. Here at Brockport, there are entire departments devoted to those jobs. I liked the exposure to how the company functions. Overall it gave me a different set of challenges. Also having a busy season from January to April was a new experience to get used to. Deadlines for the CPAs presented a challenge for IT work. I was not always able to help someone because they also needed to be working on a project on their own.

I found the privileges of free snacks, awesome coworkers, and work a combination that is going to be hard to beat. Having access to certain technical tools such as remote access from even my smartphone was a new toy I got to play with. Having some say in what we bought was a new option to me.

It is a small office setting, but I found myself never bored with all of the issues that occur at this company. I liked the people I have worked with too. They are all a bunch of characters in their own way.

I am still at this company at least for now. This internship has been fun even when it has been challenging.

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