Resumes and applications and interviews! Oh, my!

Resumes and applications and interviews! Oh, my!

Missy Fischer—With only a mere 45 days left until my college graduation, I have really had to put some time and effort into getting ready for life after college. In the past month I have put some serious effort into my resume and finally completed that, applied to my first “big girl job”, and also had my first interview. Preparing myself for these changes has made the entire idea of college coming to an end very surreal. I’ve been having some mixed emotions about this next chapter in my life. In a sense I’m very excited to graduate from college, move into a new apartment and start my nursing career. But at the same time, I’m apprehensive and nervous for these changes. College has become my security blanket and I’m not quite sure I’m ready for that bubble to be popped. But nonetheless, it will, and it’s going to in 6 short weeks.

Here are some tips and tricks I’ve picked up when putting together my resume, applying for jobs and preparing for my first interview.

  1. Make your resume concise and professional
    • Have you ever heard the rumor that your resume should only be one page? Well that’s what I thought too, but a nursing recruiter from a local hospital came into one of my nursing leadership classes and told us that this is no more the norm. Although resumes do not need to be only one page in length, they should not exceed 2 pages. Here’s another tip for your resume: you know all those past employment experiences you have? Well if you’re going to describe them in your resume try to find a connection in what you learned and did there to the requirements for the job you are applying to.
  2. Proofread your applications
    • It can be easy to misspell/mistype sometimes on your application. But it’s important to make sure you don’t. For two reasons; number one: if you put the incorrect email address or phone number there is no way that the company/organization will be able to contact you. You’ll be sitting there wondering why they haven’t contacted you when in fact the reason is because you accidentally put xxx-8393 instead of xxx-8303. To make sure this doesn’t happen, when proofreading your application, say your phone number and email address out loud. I noticed when I did this; I had misspelled my email address! The second reason you want to proofread your application is because this is your first impression to the organization you are applying to.
  3. Dress professional to your interview
    • Although you may want to look fashionable for your interview, dressing professional is 10x more important. Make sure your clothes aren’t too tight, and although you would think this might not be something an interviewer would notice, it is. I went to JCPenney’s the night before my interview and bought a pair of black dress pants, a blazer, and a nice floral blouse. When I got to the cash register, I told the woman they were for my first “big girl job” interview and she even gave me 25% off!!

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