Post Spring Break Blues

Post Spring Break Blues

Marie Fischer—Hey everybody! It sure has been awhile, but it seems to me that my body is slowly, but surely, adjusting back to the college grind. Where do I even begin? Well how about spring break!

I was super lucky that over spring break  my dad had agreed to take a couple of days off during the week and go down to my favorite place in the whole world, New York City. It was so much fun and we accomplished so much in a very little amount of time. We went to two Broadway shows, saw the St. Patrick’s Day parade, went all the way out to Coney Island and even stopped at my favorite store, Kate Spade! Now if you know me, I am all about shoes and if it weren’t for being a full-time, broke college student I would definitely always be blowing my money out on shoes. So of course when I got to the shoe department, I had to take some pictures of the beauty.

Look at how cute these two pairs of shoes were! I could not get enough.

Unfortunately though I had to come back from shoe heaven and face the end of my spring break. And if you ask me, in my eyes I seem to have found spring break not all that relaxing and I surely didn’t think it was long enough. Therefore after it ended, I created my countdown to the final days of the semester. Maybe that’s a little sad, but it’s oh so true.

Anyways, since I’ve been back I have been what seems to be up to my ears in stuff to do. Everything in my sorority has been in full swing and we seem to always have something going on. But lucky enough for me, I have the best girls around to help me enjoy every minute of it. But the worst adjustment so far has been getting back into school work. It seems it just never stops! Last week I had forgotten that I was one of the first people in my public speaking class to give a demonstrative speech on how to make a tie blanket. Unfortunately for me, it was not so easy getting everything together for it just hours before. I found out the hard way, that maybe it’s high time I start looking back at my agenda for these sort of things.

Although everything seems to be quite the whirlwind right now, I keep myself going with the thought that in just one month and two weeks, summer will be here! And the craziest thing of all? I will have finished my first full year of college. So crazy to think about all I’ve been through, and even crazier to think about all that’s to come! Join me next month to see where this whirlwind called life takes me next. 🙂

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