I Love Being an Overnight Host!

I Love Being an Overnight Host!

Cat Mattis—Last Tuesday, I was lucky enough to be given the experience to host a daylong shadow for the first time. It was a rewarding experience. It was basically a daylong tour filled with questions and information about Brockport. My favorite part was experiencing the part of a tour guide from the other side. (I think I gained a new goal of becoming a tour guide!) I went on about a billion tours of colleges when I was a high school senior, so I was very familiar with the structure. I would always smile when someone would say hi to the person giving a tour, thinking “wow, they must be popular” and thinking that I wanted to be like that one day. I finally got to be that cool sophisticated college student. It was an amazing feeling for me! At the end of the visit, she mentioned she was definitely decided on Brockport already, but I still felt accomplished that I made her get a little more excited about coming here in the fall.

Two days later, I got to host a girl overnight! This was exciting and nerve racking because I really did not want to mess up or have the girl think I was boring. We started out by going on a tour, and she asked me tons of questions. She mentioned how at first she was thinking of being a communications major, but she changed her mind and was now thinking of something in health administration. I jumped at the chance to help her decide and went to talk to one of my friends who is a health administration major. She pointed us towards her advisor, who we met with. Her advisor was very helpful as well. She loved the major, and I was proud that I had the connections to help her come to a decision easier.

After she had seen just about every beautiful inch of campus, we went and checked out softball practice. Her dad had contacted the coach, and he was more than happy to let us watch practice for a while. We did, and she told me she could see herself there. The rest of the night was a little more fun. We made cupcakes, played pool, she met a couple of my friends, we watched a Barrel of Monkeys (improv) show, and we went to Trax (of course!). It was a really fun night and I am happy she had a great time. Sadly, I did have an eight am class that we had to get up for, but we made it there on time. I dropped her off at Admissions after we ate breakfast. She mentioned how she loved it here and the only thing that would keep her from coming here is the distance. I could not empathize because I am only two hours from my home, which I have to admit is really nice sometimes.

I really loved being a host because it reminded me of when I was making my decision. I am absolutely awful at making decisions, it takes me like ten minutes just to pick a drink at a restaurant! I love being able to help people in that situation. When I was deciding, I would have taken advice or help from anyone. Sorry to get sentimental, but I want to be the person I needed when I was looking. That’s why I do things in Admissions like the Overnight Host Program, Peer Recruitment Program, and am trying to become a Resident Assistant. I really enjoyed being a host, and I can’t wait to do it again for the Ellsworth Express.

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