Spring Break and Beyond

Spring Break and Beyond

Kayla Green—Hey everyone!

I am fresh off Spring Break and I have gotten right back into the swing of things here at Brockport. It was very nice to have a break, however, and although I didn’t go anywhere warm (just cold Buffalo), I had a great time with my family and friends. One day of break, my friend and I visited our other friend at Gannon University in Erie, PA. That was a really fun day and it was great to see her campus for the first time. I have attached a photo of us hanging out there. I also went to the opening night of the new Divergent movie, Allegiant, with my friends. SUCH a great movie, I would highly recommend it (Theo James, ladies?).

Now that I am back from break, things are busier than ever. All the usual stuff is going on — work, internship, classes — and also the new stress of scheduling for the fall semester already! I am still trying to decide what I want to take and I can’t believe this time is upon us again. Studying abroad is on my mind as well, I have been thinking about it more and more lately. I think I would like to go to England.

I have also been trying to get to the gym a few times a week and eat healthier, which is going really well and I honestly feel a lot better from it. It took me a week or so to get myself into the habit of heading to the gym, but once I established a set schedule it just became part of my day. I usually just run and bike in the SERC, but I have also been going to yoga once a week with a friend of mine — so relaxing and so much fun!

As a random side note, I am an American Idol addict and I am starting to really get sad that this is the last season, so I started working on a tribute video to all 15 seasons…I told you, I’m obsessed.

Not too much else to report on, except for the fact that I really want to know who is reading these…so I have an idea! Next time I post, I am going to include a video answering any questions you might have about college, Brockport, life…anything! Post questions here in the comments or preferably tweet me at my Brockport twitter: @bport_kayla. I can’t wait to hear what you guys have to ask me! That’s all for now!



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