Spring Fever, Productivity and Random Thoughts

Spring Fever, Productivity and Random Thoughts

Alex Bill—Hello everyone! I am one of the new bloggers on Winging It! Today I wanted to do a much easier-going blog, seeing as my last was kind of intense. First and foremost, I am Alex Bill, an accounting major with intent to go into forensic accounting, I love film and photography, and give me some tacos and brownies and you’re immediately my best friend! Today I really wanted to hit a few key points, how I am studying this semester, how weekends go, and the load of stress that may or may not come with the coursework of college.

As this semester goes on, I am finding myself to be under heavier workloads and with less free time on my hands. Although this is true, with a bit of dedication during the work week, one can find themselves with a homework-free weekend with lots of fun! This semester I put myself under a significantly larger amount of courses than last semester, seven to be exact, working twenty hours, doing an internship, DJ training at the college radio station, and writing for the blog, all among the day-to-day struggles of getting up in the morning, of course! Yet, with so much more on my plate than the previous semester, I find that I am performing much better this semester than last! HOW????? You see, I found a little secret over winter break, something that has really carried me through the laborious days. Now, this is going to sound crazy, and quite frankly silly to hear, but my secret is a to-do list.


Yup! I keep a little notebook with me at all times, keeping track of what I do throughout the day, and what is left on my task list to complete before the day comes to a close. This has honestly become my tool to success, as I find it very satisfying to cross off a task on the list, and quite the opposite to finish my day without having crossed off everything on my list. I believe if everyone kept a pretty tight list of their day-to-day activities, they would find themselves being more proactive with their studies! I know, many of us already did this in the past, but really the magic comes from sticking to your plan of attack. Labeling things that are of the utmost importance to the top, leaving minor tasks to fall to the bottom of your list. If you don’t believe me, try it for one month. I’m just crossing that finish line now, and I will never look back!

So, weekends — those are something that every college student looks forward to! I have really made an effort to establishing fun, active weekends for myself, thus making the whole waiting period much more appealing. For instance, this past weekend I went to the famous Rolling Hills Asylum! This was a four-hour detainment with a building tour, and the best part was that I did not have to worry about the looming school week, as I focused on my work Monday through Friday! With the weather slowly dipping into spring, make sure you are diving into fun activities on the weekends; you don’t want to be worried about the essay you have to do in four days. It really does pay off to have those free weekends — trust me, you won’t regret it!

Nevertheless, being less stressed about school work leads me to constant excitement for spring break! The break is looming over Brockport, and I have a camping trip planned with all of my best friends! I have found throughout my studies in college that some things are not worth fretting about, so I just don’t. Honestly, there is no point in worrying about the test that you just took, because it’s already in the past. If you made some mistakes, you will have to correct them for next time; don’t take it to heart. Learn from your mistakes, don’t worry about them!

So! Stay on top of your stuff, remember to plan for fun weekends, and don’t worry as much. Enjoy being a college student while you can!


Stay Wild Brockport!

P.S.  > Here’s a cool picture from my asylum trip! COOL.png



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