Officially a News Reporter

Officially a News Reporter

Cat Mattis—The time is four thirty-five. Heart racing, leg jittering, and fingers typing at the speed of light. Not to mention, my head is pounding because of a headache. So much information trying to be processed at one time. “I can do this!” I say in my head, in efforts to calm myself down.

        “Be in the room with the DJ by four forty-four please, Cat!”

        “Alright!” I respond, as I begin to type even faster, praying that I am able to finish my report in time.        

        At exactly four forty-three, I quietly yet fast-paced step into the DJ booth. My heart is still beating faster than normal, as the DJ and the sport reporter comfort me as best they can. Not that I needed to be comforted badly, but I was definitely really nervous and I appreciated it.

        “Fifteen seconds,” the DJ states.

        “Thanks,” I reply. She counts me down from five with her hand and I am on with my teaser. (A radio term for a one-sentence preview for a news story.) Followed by the sports teaser.

        Once the next song comes on, I exhale deeply. Just one sentence, that was easy! The hard part comes next.

        About ten minutes later, I get a minute warning when AP news comes on. Followed by another hand count down by the DJ. 5…4…3…2…1…

        “Good afternoon!” I proclaim with a surprising amount of confidence.

        I continue my report for about the next two minutes trying to stay on track, while at the same time thinking, “OH MY GOODNESS, I AM ACTUALLY DOING IT!” Thankfully there was a voicer (a radio term for a news report from earlier), so I did not have to speak for the whole two minutes. I place it in the middle, giving me a nice break to breathe.

        After the two minutes are up, I sign off: “With local news coverage you can always count on. I’m Cat Mattis for 89.1 the Point.”  

       Wow. I just spoke on the radio. I did not know what to feel or what to think; all I knew was it left me with this unexplained urge…to do that again.


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