New Semester, New Me. Right?

New Semester, New Me. Right?

Marie Fischer—My second semester here at Brockport has brought me so many new beginnings that I don’t even know where to begin. In just a month’s time, I went from having too much time on my hands, to not enough, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Before coming to school I had heard from numerous people to “get involved,” and at the time I thought they were just making suggestions, but I came to find it wasn’t just a suggestion. It was crucial in integrating myself into a new place. But in my first semester I was completely neglectful of that suggestion and decided that getting a job and immersing myself in schoolwork was the only way to go about everything. Which left me alone more times than not.

Really unhappy in my situation, my mom and I discussed how I was going to go about my time during the second semester. Knowing how unhappy I was, I promised to her I would get more involved and try to make friends. And when I got back, I did the one thing that I never would have even considered a year ago: I joined a sorority. The craziest thing happened too: I was making friends, I was more involved with school and I’m the happiest I’ve been all year.

It was the smallest of things to do, and yet it made the biggest impact on my school experience and my view towards Brockport as a whole. This entire time I thought it was the school, when really it was my own doing in not getting involved and not integrating myself in this amazing community around me. I’m so lucky to be involved in all that this school has to offer, and in my new found mindset of “trying new things,” my friends and I even joined the figure skating club! We’re no pros, but it’s definitely a great activity to try together and get to know different people.

So, basically if you’re coming to college or you haven’t quite found your niche yet, don’t be afraid to get out there and try something new! College is the place to find yourself and where you belong. And I’m more than happy to have the sense that I finally know where I belong in this little, sweet community known as Brockport.


4 thoughts on “New Semester, New Me. Right?

  1. I find myself in the same situation that you used to be.. I am in a community college tho… and my school doesn’t have sororities. What exactly do you do in a sorority group tho (sorry, I don’t know much about sororities). Thanks

    1. It’s not like what most people would think honestly! We spend a lot of time just hanging out and getting to know One another. We also spent our time raising for our local and national philanthropies. Getting involved is honestly so important, and I’m sure it seems hard in a community school, but just like anything else just find something that interests you and jump right in! You never know what kind of people you’ll meet.

  2. Im actually pledging the sorority Phi Sigma Sigma! But they’
    re all really good, it just depends on what you’re looking for.

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