Introductions: Who am I and What’s Going On?

Introductions: Who am I and What’s Going On?


Shay Harris—Hi, hola, and bonjour! My name is Shaquan “Shay” Harris and I’m one of the newest additions to the Winging It crew. I’m currently a sophomore here at the good ol’ College at Brockport, studying English (the creative writing track), Psychology, and Communications. I love cats, seafood, I’m from Brooklyn, New York, and my favorite colors are grey and green. I’m not a fan of long walks on the beach, I despise water, have a slight fear of the dark, and am reconsidering moving to Seattle after graduate school. It rains there… a lot.

The above picture is what this past weekend mostly consisted of. I wrote two papers for ENG 310: Ancient Mediterranean Lit and ENG 397: Young Adult Lit, and wow, those were some interesting assignments. Now I’ll be honest, for the 310 paper, I was distracted by my phone while attempting to get through the outline. Yes…the outline. The second paper was easier to get through since its outline had been drafted a week ago, so I was happy (in hindsight) that my professor had me work on it.

Now, each of the three books are super special to me. I first read Genesis in my Intro to Literary Analysis class as a freshman. Now, whether you’re religious or not, I would recommend everyone read Genesis because the storytelling and character development is amazing! I also wrote my 310 paper based on it as well as Homer’s The Odyssey. A Separate Peace was read in ENG 397 and was used in my second essay this weekend. I would also recommend it to all, and it has inspired me to write better myself, due to its simplistic use of language and, again, intriguing characters. Finally, I know people who love The Great Gatsby and those who hate it. While hate is a pretty strong word, it’s one of my personal favorites and has played a huge part in my career aspirations and reason for being in college.

You see, I had originally applied to college with the intent on becoming a clinical psychologist. After reading some other classics such as Fahrenheit 451 and Lord of the Flies for the sake of reading (something I find difficult to do in college), I thought back on Fitzgerald’s “Great American Classic” and said, “I want to do the same thing, if not greater.” Thus, when I accepted my seat here at Brockport, I switched my major from psychology to English and bam, boom, zap! I haven’t regretted my decision. In fact, while taking some pics of my bulletin boards before they were taken down (it’s that time for we RA folk), I was thinking of a way to modernize Gatsby into my own tale, commenting on some issues brought up in Fitzgerald’s story, as well as some things that I’ve observed during my own existence on this rock we call Earth. Nevertheless, I still have the taste of that Frappuccino sitting on my desk and have been eyeballing the granola bar beside it the entire time I’ve been writing this post.

Midterms are swiftly approaching, and my positivity meter is higher than it’s been in a few days. The Sophomore Slump hasn’t completely gotten a hold of me, so, I’ll continue to push on.

Until next time, peeps. Over and out!


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