7 Things They Don’t Tell You About Senior Year

7 Things They Don’t Tell You About Senior Year

Missy Fischer—

  1. It comes quicker than you think

I suppose people do tell you this; that as time goes on, time seems to go quicker. But I feel like it was just a month ago that I was starting my second semester of freshman year. The fact that I am now one month into my final semester of senior year is almost scary. Your time in college will go by in a blink of an eye, and looking back it will almost seem like a blur. That’s why it is so important to make time for yourself, do the things that make you happy and always always always selfishly and confidently put your needs first. Yes, you will have lots of exams to study for, homework to do, and projects to complete, but I cannot express the importance of making time for you. As cliche as it sounds, your happiness is the most important. Aside from making your college experience a positive one, making time for the things that make you happy will help you find out who you really are.

  1. Senioritis is very, very real

Academically, by senior year most people are pretty burnt out. The whole idea of having to wake up for a three-hour 8am lecture class is pretty sickening. Having to do assignments and taking exams feel like torture and all you want to do is to be done. Unfortunately, there’s still X amount of days until graduation and that diploma and cap and gown are dependent on you finishing those assignments and attending those classes. So as hard as it can be to push through, you gotta do what you gotta do. Sometimes it’ll feel like you’re crawling to the finish line with two broken legs. But I promise the feeling once you graduate will be well worth it.

  1. You still don’t feel prepared for the real world

The thought that the real world is so close can be really intimidating. But no matter how anxious you are for reality to begin after graduation, it’s still coming and it’s coming fast. Just breathe and realize how prepared you truly are. Your professors and peers have pushed you to learn so much in these past four years at college, and I promise, you’re a lot more prepared than you feel. And let’s be real, who really knows exactly what they’re doing anyways?

  1. Networking is important

People will tell you this throughout all your college experience, but I don’t really think it becomes so obvious until BOOM it’s your final semester of your senior year. This is why it’s important to apply for those internships, build relationships with your professors and find a mentor you can trust in your career of choice. Making professional connections with people are so important. Because let’s face it, we live in a world where it’s all about who you know.

  1. You’ll cry. A lot.

Let’s face it. Change is scary. The unknown is scary. And with graduation quickly approaching, change is imminent. Aside from that, all sorts of emotions will be running through you as well. Where will you work after graduation? Where will you live? Will you move back home with your parents? Will you continue to stay friends with all the friends you’ve made here at college? These thoughts are normal and it’s important to acknowledge these fears and face these emotions. Although it might seem like all you’re doing is crying and being fearful of what’s next, you must also realize that this is only the ending of one chapter in your life and the next will be just as exciting, and maybe even better.

  1. Your friends are still changing

One might think that by senior year you will have your finalized friend group forever and ever and always. And some people might, but that doesn’t mean you should be opposed to making more. There are so many people in this world that you might connect with on all sorts of different levels and it’s important to be open to that.

  1. Your life is just beginning

As so many things in your life are starting to change around you, it’s important to remember that this is only the beginning. This next chapter will bring you the opportunity to rebuild yourself yet again. You’ll have a new career in your degree field where you will meet many more new people, who will bring many new adventures and challenges to your plate. It’s important to embrace this and not be sad, but be excited.



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