What I Have Learned in a New Major

What I Have Learned in a New Major

Alex Winslow—Hope everyone’s semester is off to a great start!

I am grateful for the new challenges the Liberal Studies Program has to offer. So far I am being educated on the connections that are going on within our world. Not only that, but I get to explore ideas that are affecting our world socially. My classes so far have been entirely online and are certainly up to the level of challenge I have been anticipating for college courses.


The topics are interesting and there is plenty of time to figure out the answers to the questions.  I am enjoying the online aspect so far too. I like being able to draw outside information all of the time into my homework.

Here is something I learned. Did you know you can cite a video game into your paper as long as it is relevant? I didn’t, but it appears that is allowed for the topic I am researching. Looks like my professor will get to read about Fallout 4 and all of the unethical things that you may encounter in it.

Online courses so far have been new to me, but I like being able to look at the work more than I normally would in the classroom. To be more specific, I can talk more on a topic rather than have to be limited to being short so everyone else can get a word in before a class runs out. It allows me to speak more on something that I might shy out on in the actual classroom.

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