Getting Started on my Major!

Getting Started on my Major!

Alexis Marchitte—The picture is from the hot date I had with my Anatomy lab manual in the library for a couple hours.

Well, we’re about 4 weeks into the semester and I’ve got a real feel for how my classes are going to be! I am an Exercise Science major and right now I’m taking Anatomy & Physiology, Motor Development, Psychology, and Biostatistics. All of these classes pertain to my major, which is exciting because I was looking forward to getting started on the material that I’ll be studying for the next 6 years. So far I am really loving my classes, but they are extremely difficult. I’m mostly struggling with Anatomy because it requires a lot of memorization. I’m working hard to study a little bit every single day because cramming the days before the test WILL NOT work with Anatomy. Trust me when I tell you that; it is going to take more than just a couple days of review. Another aspect that makes it so hard is that I really have to retain this information because I’m going to need it for my career — well, practically the rest of my life. I want to become a Physical Therapist, so I need to understand human anatomy.

Although my classes are difficult, there is also a positive side to it. I am basically learning the same thing in each of my classes, it all intertwines. This makes my life a lot easier sometimes. For example, we took a pretest in Psych the other day and I knew more than most of the students because I already had some background on the topic from Anatomy class. A positive mentioned before too is that they are my major classes that will be useful, not just some general education requirements. There are positives and negatives, but one day all the hard work will pay off when I’m traveling all over the country with the Buffalo Bills after I become their Physical Therapist.



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