Trains, Time and Novelty

Trains, Time and Novelty

Alex Bill—


Isn’t it such an ambiguous word? The prospect of moving towards the inevitable light of adulthood, something which I have been grabbing at for so long. Yet, time is a continuous force, something that cannot be talked into slowing down, so do not hold your breath.

You see, I view this whole college thing in the same light that you see a train pass while you sit in your car.StationToStation

  1. The train approaches, and before you know it, the pilot (*front of the train*) has passed and you can’t even seem to remember what it looked like.
  2. You are examining the art that has been etched on the train, a beautiful mix of colors that holds the eye until it swiftly passes on.
  3. The train is a constant roar as it passes, lasting for what seems like an eternity. Glancing at the clock, you realize you are late for work.
  4. Impatiently you creep your car forward, the train disappears and the gate rises, you speed away without a second glance.
  5. That minute and a half it took for the train to pass by on your way to work was something seemingly insignificant, yet perhaps painted a metaphorical picture.

You may be thinking, what in the world does this have to do with going to college?

I remember very distinctly how exciting college is on the first day of classes. We are all very persistent to move on and get a taste of everything there is to offer at this wonderful place that we now call home. You see, this is the pilot, the beginning of the long journey. Before long, many of us are caught in a balancing act of classes, homework, and our social lives. Balance is something that everyone warned us of before we began this quest. In this process, we lose sight of the pilot, that excitement at the beginning. The impact of novelty only lasts so long.

At this point we are now college students, we understand the struggle of balance and are empathetic of those around us. While we are all so different, the defining struggle of our course work brings us closer to our fellow peers. This is where the beautiful color of the train is displayed on the individuals around us. We all have different majors, different outlooks, different goals, yet the blending of these many different facets shine off as a beautiful piece of art.

There comes a time when a realization hits us: we are almost done. This is when everything decides to take an extended period of time. Every week, Monday lasts longer than the last, and we just can’t wait for it to all be over, for our time to be served and to start living a life worth the four years of waiting.

Graduation Day. The hats fly. You apply for a job. Advance your career. Settle down. In all of this crazy rapid advancement of life, you realize how fast those incredibly slow, four years went by. Something that seemed so important to get to, and then important to finish, simply flashed by without a second thought.

Take a moment and realize where you are in life, identify with those around you and take a moment to breathe. This is an amazing opportunity that you are living. You are not merely on a stepping stone for the future, you are very much living some of the most important moments of your life. Don’t be so rushed to finish, and don’t let stress consume you! This is a wonderful, lucky, and finite time in our lives. Now is the time to enjoy something great — don’t reap the rewards four years from now, as the rewards are already here.

You made it! You are where you’ve always wanted to be!


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